ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Shaytaan's Delusion

A common and dangerous misconception is that people can be anything on the outside as long as the heart itself is clean. This is a delusion of Shaitan because the effects of a clean and pure heart should resonate to the outside and rectify one’s actions and personality. If this is not the case then this is clear proof that the heart is not clean. It is essential that people work on both hand in hand.

Muslims are weak and unable to rectify themselves unless they submit all to Allah. If people were to work diligently on trying to rectify their outer characteristics Allah will rectify and purify their inner being through their intention and hard work.

Abu Madhura was a youth at the time of the Messenger of Allah who had not accepted Islam as of yet. One day he was seated with some friends laughing and mocking Hadrat Bilal’s call to prayer [adhan] when the Messenger of Allah passed by. Seeing him all the children ran away except Abu Madhura, who was the oldest of the group and felt ashamed to run like the others.

The Messenger of Allah summoned him closer and Abu Madhura reluctantly complied. He started sweating in apprehension but the Prophet calmly assured him not to be frightened and further asked him to continue the Muslim call to prayer exactly as he had been reciting it earlier. Thus Abu Madhura started imitating Hadrat Bilal’s call as he had done earlier and a change seemed to come over him as he reached Ash-hadu anna Muhammadar RasulAllah.

When finished the Messenger of Allah told him that he could go but Abu Madhura hesitated. He now said to the Prophet, “Abu Madhura will now only go wherever the Messenger of Allah goes.”

A moment earlier this boy had been mocking Islam’s call to prayer but as his eyes fell upon the Messenger of Allah, Allah in His infinite mercy turned the mockery into reality and opened Hadrat Abu Madhura’s heart to Islam. Hadrat Abu Madhura later became the keeper of the keys to the Kaa’ba and the prayer caller of Makkah where he performed the call to prayer for the next sixty years.

May it also be so that Allah accepts our poor imitation and turns it into reality and rectifies our hearts through our poor efforts at trying to rectify our appearance to match that of the Messenger of Allah. Aamin.

O my Creator I have brought a resemblance of Your beloved.
I have merely brought an appearance so please turn it into reality.

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