ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


A Person Disenthralled from Fear

A Person Disenthralled from Fear

How might a man or woman actually act if s/he were truly emancipated from fear? 

Is this even imaginable?  How might this manifest as solidarity, equality, and freedom?  What might this look like, in the everyday concrete world?  What might it look like, in the world, if, as Allama Iqbal has shared, people were to discover God in themselves?  

What sorts of so-called personal qualities would appear as a result of a new actualization of Tauheed?  What qualities would (naturally) manifest through/across humanity as a result of a living Tauheed?  

What I offer here are some ideas - certainly not definitive - as an example of what this might look like.  I also offer this as a follow-up on the excellent post by Noor.  I can offer only what my thimble-of-a-mind can comprehend of this potential range of possibilities and human evolution.  As I share this, I ask that the reader to not put a limit on any of this, remembering Iqbal’s emphasis upon the reality of meliorism, and the lack of finality of humanity’s evolving.  Just because the eyes may not see it in the world today does not, in any way, mean that the heart cannot conceive it, and birth it, as a reality tomorrow. 

These are straight-forward ideas, and not abstract.  As I share these points, I’m doing so thinking how all this might appear in daily life, right alongside family, friends, and loved ones, as well as all the challenges in this concrete world.  In other words, I didn't want to share something so abstract as to seem unreal.  Of course, it is up to each person to determine if they actually believe this level of character can actually be realized.  Personally, I do believe that it is possible, and that humanity can evolve itself as a Marghdeen.  Indeed, perhaps it is doing so already!

As these are outlined, I ask that the reader also consider how these same points might manifest in a social sense.  Indeed, for each and every item, I ask that the reader seek to discern personal, social, planetary, and universal possibilities.  It should be understood, from the beginning, that I share these only as this person’s attempt, from a limited viewpoint, about a huge range of potentials.

* * * * * * * * * 
A person would likely be far more conscious of themselves, in the moment, being conscious of what s/he is seeing, sensing, feeling, thinking, desiring, and doing. Consciousness would fill, and complete, time.

An awareness would likely exist with which a person would avoid that which would destroy him/her or others in the course of time.

Generosity would occur, in heroic proportions, but also often secretly.

A person would treat everyone s/he meets or knows as a close, loved relative.

Gratitude, just like generosity, would be woven into the moment, not as a contrived attribute, but rather as an outward manifestation of a new, realized Centre of awareness.

Definitions of "who I am" would cease to be intellectually contrived, and would come from a Different Place.

A unique psychological landscape would be born and, out of this, a new world.

Lying and stealing would cease.

The term "neighbor" would grow immensely in scope. Because of this (and a deep intertwining of all these points), violence against others would also cease.

Neighbors would be helped, but not to the point that s/he becomes dependent.

A person would not imitate others, nor seek to be imitated by others.

A person would take up only as much space as s/he needs, and no more.

No useless movements would be made.

Strong personalities would not impress one, and one would not seek to impress others.

A person would not regard anyone or anything as one’s possession.

A person would share fairly.

A person would not be easily led astray (seduced), nor would s/he inveigle others.

One would sleep, eat, and talk only as necessary. This is not to imply a rigid manner, but simply that superfluity (that contributes to inappropriate or excessive influence) would be absent due to a wholly unique psychology.

Gossip and backbiting would not exist.

Following fashion (for whatever subject) would fall away.

No person would sell him/herself.

No person would seek to buy or own another person.

Envy of another’s luck or success would not occur.

When pursuing worldly work, the profit to be made would not be a consideration of the value of the work.

A person would not threaten others.

Promises would be kept.

Compassion would permeate all considerations, again, not as a contrived quality that "should" be done, but rather as a quality naturally born out of a revivified discovery of God.

A person would not elevate him/herself above others, but would, instead, contribute to the well-being of the collective, social whole.

With regard to consciousness, a person would not eliminate, but transmute.

A person might walk toward, and not away from, personal aversions.

Praise or blame would cease to provoke a reaction.

A person would neither praise nor blame him/herself.

A person would envision all others as equal, valuable, and a part of the totality of existence.  None would be excluded.

A person might begin to regard what does not belong to him/her as if it did belong to him/her. This is not in the sense of "I own it, and therefore I shall take it." Rather, it is in the genuine sense of "Let me do what I can to help you care for it."

A person would not complain.

A person would not give orders to bring about the satisfaction of being obeyed.

A person would pay for service provided to him/her.

A person would not proselytize ideas or works.

A person would not seek to provoke in others that they (others) feel toward him/her complicity, pity, admiration, or sympathy.

A person would cease to distinguish, identify, and separate themselves by his/her appearance. This includes abandoning exotic ideas that are merely adornments. This is not to imply the disappearance of cultural differences. This refers, rather, to the disappearance of the sense of separating uniqueness attributed to cultural distinctions. The distinctions may remain, while the separation need not.

Silence would far more often substitute contradiction.

A person would seek to pay debts immediately.

If a person offends another, s/he will apologize. If the offense has been public, the apology will also be public.

When something is said in error, a person (because of pride) would not persist in error, but rather immediately retract the error.

Useless objects would not be kept.

Leaders would be characterized by a humility, and a sincere sense of service to those s/he represents.

A person would not define him/herself by what s/he possesses.

A person would accept that nothing belongs to them.

A person would not speak of him/herself (or others) as if s/he (or others) cannot change.

A person would not forget the dead.

Whenever service is given, it is done so inconspicuously.

A person would not try to be everything to his/her spouse, accepting that there are things s/he cannot give, but that others can. A real meaning here can be that a person will be opening up to his/her own personal wholeness, and not dependent upon anyone else's.

One will live on money s/he has earned.

Weaknesses will not be glorified.

One will visit others, but not simply to pass the time.

One may obtain things, but with the intention to share them.

When darkness appears, a person will refrain from denying or attacking it. S/he will seek to transmute it.

A person will define life, with sincerity, by the Sacred.

A person would be thoughtful of others. "Others" would not be narrowly defined by nationalistic terms.

A person would seek to be a sun to all others.


  1. Dear Robert, this is amazing. You really explained what I have been trying to convey. Gratitude.

    1. Dear Noor,

      Thank you for your kind words and for the very special opportunity of being a part of your beautiful blog.

      All good wishes,


  2. This post leaves me in a state of awe. I feel my deep center increasing in faith and joy.

    Yes, Yes, Yes, this is happening right now in our current humanity. This intricate, poetic, yet practical wisdom is so balanced. How encouraging on so many levels -- maybe all of levels.

    This is full of lifetime guidance.

    I intend to use this spiritual wholistic photo of a truly mature, transformed actual person and society to help guide my footsteps and considerations this very day -- right now.

    This gift to all readers is filled with the sun of heaven yet this is light accessible to any and all right here where we each live.

    I am speechless yet feeling empowered...

    The gratitude I experienced reading this post is beyond expression as yet available to me.

    1. Dear Connie,

      This is merely an attempt at coming to terms with how things *might* be. It's certainly not definitive, but only this man's grasp of it.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      All good wishes,


  3. Shukria also to you, dear Noor, for inspiring such works of truth and beauty and for offering such a blog as this. I look for more time soon to come and meditate deeply on your similar themes as well as other fountains each of you are offering so lovingly and thoughtfully here.

    1. Dear Connie, I am also pleased by this addition as it was an amazing experience and source of learning for me.

      your appreciation is much needed. :)

  4. MashAllah!
    Very well written indeed. I thought of adding to the list when i started reading but till the end i found nothing to add. It is like a utopia, that if conceived, can fill the void of wretchedness found in the society today. The extremities of immoralities that haunt us today as humans will go forever.
    This will end wars.
    This will end injustice.
    This will ensure safety of character and will foster the true qualities, absent today from society.
    This will let all the domains of human mind to be fully understood and to be fully utilized for building up of of humanity.
    Greed, avarice and procrastination would end.
    Apathy towards God will end.
    We will see people often in tears of joy rather.
    Killings will end.
    There will remain the word of Allah and everything else will cease to exist.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Please (everyone) do add, as, together, we can create the whole.

      What you have written (e.g., "Killings will end.") is very beautiful. Thank you for it.

      All good wishes,


  5. Hassan habib Sahib:
    You come up with the words and same feelings/knowing I had upon reading the above guiding "sun" -- yet despite my long response I could not find. Yes! I sense that you also speak the same language which "A Person disenthralled from Fear" brings here to this exquisite and true: Tagheyyur: "lightupthedarkeness" blog.

    I have been reflecting this morning on my part as three of us (siblings) offer our gifts in reflections to our dying mother. During a short walk -- a sudden flash of lightening struck (metaphor) and I came to library to print this out to share with the others during this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. I have confidence that my mother will soon live in such a place where people will treat one another with this kind of love. She will adapt quickly because she already also speaks this language.

    Thank You, again, Noor, for the gift of this place to cherish such pure light.

    1. Dear Connie,

      We wish your mother peace in this moment. It sounds as if she is surrounded by those who love her.

      All good wishes,


    2. Thanks CN,
      This feeling and expression is I believe something very precious. It is something that gives me hope. That Yes, we can revive unity among ourselves, to humanity. This is what I request to anybody who is reading this.
      That we synchronize our voice and speak what Allah has bestowed upon us.
      May people like Noor and others continue to post these beautiful and inspiring posts.

    3. @Connie: Prayers for you and for your mother. Inshallah, best will be the outcome. Have faith.

      @Hassan Habib: Inshallah, ameen.

  6. Thanx so much again and again, Noor, Habib Sahib and Robert Sahib as well. I have this post copied three times and placed in various places where I run into it and review it quite often.

    Also, I did go back to the post, Noor, which may have been catalyst for this post by Robert.

    Let me know, Habib Sahib if you have any writings as well?