ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


A Nation-

There was a street cricket match last night in our area and the lights and colors it brought , in present circumstances, were so invigorating and uplifted my soul. Their cheers were the most melodious sound I have ever heard. The times in Karachi and in whole of Pakistan are very- I think testing would be a better word. I am not going to go into the tirade of how bad the times are. Everybody- who cares enough- knows it. What am I going to write here blew my mind and made me smile. 

Pakistani nation is amazing. We, the people painstakingly, are mapping their mistakes, realizing them. And when mapping is done, they are working relentlessly to make them right. To put the country into right direction again. Everybody has got the hold on their special field and putting all of their efforts in it to make it better. Like bees work together- systematically. Slowly. Bit by bit. Motivation, inspiration, aspirations, the Will, of this group is one of the most beautiful things in the World. In these hard times, when Pakistan is attacked with every possible weapon in this world, when all the odds are stacked high against them, are slowly, very slowly crawling back up to where they belong, to where they should be. 

The energy, the will power is something to be experienced first hand. The crowd is surging, like the great wave, towards their goal, passing on their infinite energy to their fellow-countrymen, unconditionally. Learning, teaching, experiencing, helping each other to grow in every walk of life. Living together, this experience of most difficult times, and giving hope to one another that it will get better, that the efforts will bear fruits, while praying fervently that may these words come true. These lofty intentions- are amazing. 

Pakistani is amazing.