ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Greetings, from Kashmir

I made a new friend. We met at the ninth batch of our online course Introduction to Iqbal Studies and instantly hit it off.

She is from Kashmir and that is one of the major reason
of writing this post.

Whenever we end our conversations she always asks me to say her salam to everybody, and that means Everybody! I find it endearing. Nobody has ever made such a request of me. First I was shy, as to how to give her salam to the people in Pakistan but then the idea of writing this post, in order to honor her wish and to tell the world about her, came to me. Therefore, first and foremost; Salam/Peace to you, dear reader, from the valleys of Kashmir.

The most touching idea about this exchange for me is; she cares about us, Pakistanis. It brims my heart with so much joy and love, my heart expands and is ready to burst out with happiness. I could never know that somebody could love selflessly. For I have always heard people telling us that Kashmiris no longer like Pakistan, that we have failed them. This was excruciating for me to even imagine that they'd ever hate us or be despaired of Pakistan. Communicating with her sews my heart back to the hope that perhaps we have not lost all the battles, perhaps there is still chance to win them back and somebody from that sacred valley thinks about us in a good way and to this extent. Words fail me when I try to explain what this news do to me. I'd like to be her friend even after we are dead. For it would be an inconsolable loss to lose her for eternity.

I hope we go on loving each other for the sake of Allah. May we help each other in whichever way we can and we have more ways to communicate than just via internet. I pray that He blesses her and everybody in the troubled valley and provide them with Peace and Serenity. May her silent prayers be answered. May her wish for Peace rings throughout the world.

I pray she finds joy in her life.