ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Letter From Marghdeen

Marghdeen Learning Centre

"Our teachers give all the wrong messages to our youth, since they take away the natural flare from the soul. Take it from me that all knowledge is useless until it is connected with your life, because the purpose of knowledge is nothing but to show you the splendours of yourself!"
(Iqbal – Javid Nama)

Marghdeen Learning Center is a project from historian, educationist and playwright Khurram Ali Shafique who has received national awards including the Presidential Iqbal Award for his works in Iqbal Studies. Marghdeen Learning Center is offering  four regular courses, which are developed for introducing an average learner to the relevance of Iqbal’s message to the world today. The courses are certified by Iqbal Academy Pakistan and are being offered in coordination with Dr. Iqbal Society of North America (DISNA) and Topline Publishers Pakistan.

 Online courses offered four times a year

January, April, July and October 

Special introductory fee
Pakistani Students: Rs.1000/=
Foreign Students: US$24 (plus optional postage and handling of certificate)
New term is starting from April 2, 2012

Registration closes on March 31, 2012 

The four courses being offered this time:

Marghdeen: Introduction to Iqbal Studies  2 lessons/week

The DNA of History 1 lesson/week

Self-Development through Iqbal  1 lesson/week

The Art of Joseph:World Literature According to Iqbal   1 lesson/week


And pay the fee according to the procedure given below.
  • Foreign participants can pay through Paypal via the DISNA Website.
  • Pakistani students can send a crossed cheque in the name of "TOPLINE PUBLISHERS" to Topline Publishers, Office #03, Bright Corner, Opposite Askari Park, Off University Road, Gulshan  – e – Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan. Ph: (021)34937440
  • Pakistani students can also send the money through Online Banking in the following account: Standard Chartered Bank, Branch: M.Ali Society, Islamic Branch Code: 083 Account Title: Muhammad Ubaid,  Account No.: 01-1839392-01
For details:


Maria Mazhar
Project Coordinator

For feedback, queries and suggestions contact us

Do join. the course is fun and gives us chance to learn in totally new and exciting way. I myself is in 3rd term. Inshallah will be starting The DNA of history with beautiful people, and a great teacher. 


Insan wavela, cheekh pukar, ah-o-baka jub karta hai jub wo bebus hota hai, Kamzor hota hai. Jub ap halaat k lye kuch karny ka soch rahy hain, apna kirdar ada kar rahy hun to phir bebasi ki wo kefyat nahin hoti or na be-sabri hoti hai. ap ne halaat ko achi tarhan samajh lia to usky mutabiq kam karty rahyn. Kher or shar ki quwwatein azal se bar sary pekar hain ek dusry se. Apni salyhaton ko un cheezon k peechey na khatam karyn jo apky bas mein nahin. Beshak apni taqat ko barhany ka saman karty rahyn lekin jald bazi, be sabra pan na dikhayen. yaqeen rakhyn; apny Malik per, apni quwwaty bazu per. Phir kamal dekhyn. Dushman kabhe nahin hara sakyga. Or jeet hamari he hogi. 


You Cultivate Hope- A Poem For Hana

Our spring in Palestine is born in a prison cell,
Our spring in Palestine is born- shackled to hospital bed,
Our spring in Palestine is born with an administrative detention order against it,

but it blossoms,
even in hunger,
even in hunger- I pray you strength,
I pray you justice,
I pray you freedom,
Hana! I pray your heart muscle holding all of us tonight,
holding on a day longer,
sunrise stronger,

do forgive me sister,
I forgot prayers sometime ago,
lost them in alleys and refugee camps,
too crowded with shrapnel memory,
when sound barrier breaking, skies breaking, sound breaking,
wasn't sure our voices reached God anymore,
that same year 82-you were born,
but you cultivate hope in me,
so I light candles and kneel to whisper,
I pray you strength,
I pray you justice,
I pray you freedom,

you cultivate hope in the rest of us,
cultivate that part hungry for freedom,
that part hungry for justice, 
lost in road maps to nowhere,
roadmaps to anywhere,
but the shores of Akka,

you cultivate hope that was long lost in their pragmatic solutions,
in your hunger- we finally find our own again,
you cultivate hope in the rest of us,
in your strength, we are no longer 67 Palestinians, 48 Palestinians- no numbers dividing us by massacres that are attached to our skins,
no numbers for years divinding us by massacres attached to our skin,
no negotiating tables to die over in silence and no intellectual conversations to argue how lucky women are,
how lucky and how free- they get to serve in army,
one of them hand-cuffed you as other beat you, 
one dragged you across the floor,
one promised severe punishment,
in your silence you are stronger then each of them,

you cultivate hope in the rest of us,

what do your captor know of your heart-muscles born to the beat of the bombs over the youth,
born against the state of siege,
born in a rhythm louder than gun
born free,
what do they know of us,
our hearts are as soft as child hands,
learnt to pick up rock with a care of farmer's living harvest,

our spring in Palestine is born in a prison-cell,
our spring in Palestine is born shackled to hospital bed,
Our spring in Palestine is born with an administrative detention order against it,
but our spring in Palestine blossoms,
even in hunger,
their walls can only surround them,
their prisons can only hold their dreams still,
your spirit-our spirit-like spring- will always be free,

I pray us strength,
I pray us justice,
I pray us freedom!

-Rafeef Ziadah

Hana al Shalabi's mother holding her photo during a protest

listen to this poem here .

Hana Shalabi is a Palestinian political prisoner. She was released from over two years in administrative detention on 18 October 2011, as part of the prisoner exchange deal. She was re-arrested less than four months later on 16 February 2012, and immediately began a hunger strike in protest of her detention.
Cultivate Hope, a poem written on day 40 of Hana Shalabi's hunger strike, by Rafeef Ziadah / music by Phil Monsour.

Note:excuse the mistakes as I wrote it while listening to it. I have missed/misunderstood/words.