ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Human Behavior By Br. Nouman A. Khan (video lecture)

Lessons from the video:

  • Do not follow blindly (in religion).
  • Also, do not follow (in religion) what you don't know. Don't just rely on heresay. do your research too. 
  • Do not be quick in giving fatwa. Keep the consequences of your words in your mind and be careful what you say.
  • Our Deen has logic. It's not baseless. 
  • Pursue knowledge. There's no enough amount of knowledge. 
  • After gaining knowledge, do not become arrogant. Know your status.
  • Do not show-off your knowledge. 
  • Remember when a tree bears fruit it's branches come down. When you learn knowledge, it bears fruits and so you should be down-to-earth. 
  • Respect the people of knowledge. (any kind of knowledge.)
  •  Humility goes hand in hand with knowledge. 



And so

it has taken me

all of sixty years

to understand

that water is the finest drink,

and bread the most delicious food,

and that art is worthless

unless it plants

a measure of splendor in people's hearts.

~ Taha Muhammad Ali ~



I recently had a chance to come to know one of the great writers of Pakistan, Ibne Safi.

Ibne Safi

He has an ability to engage his reader and take him to places in his mind and than when reader finishes the novel, he has the urge to create exact environment in real. His protagonist obeys, respect the law and makes those around him to do so too. I think about how many minds he revolutionized. How much he changed the society. I am sure he put large amount of effort in salvaging the society and help people to take it to this far. His writings are timeless. They can be used by every individual of any age. He rightly read his times and the way he changed the track of thought of especially young minds is marvellous. His writing proves that he was of the men who don't complaint about circumstances rather stand up and remove the filth silently and efficiently. Their efforts speak of their ache and love for their society, their people. 

for more information on Ibne Safi, visit 

Leaders Vs. Nation

"DHA college teacher 'requests' for Al-Karam suit to clear the student in practical exam." I am not joking or exaggerating. Its real news. And it made me thought, why do you expect the politicians to be fair and just if we-ourselves are corrupt.- as student, teacher, businessmen, servants, jobians. Everybody is playing this corruption game according to their level, status and degree of access to the corruption.  These leaders are our mirror image. Displaying our characteristics, our cowardliness, reluctance, inaction. We lull ourselves back to slumber by blaming others of our shortcomings and lack of faith, dignity even morality. I read about a should-syndrome in Ashfaq Ahmed's Zawya II. He says: "Should Syndrome is a dangerous illness which spreads quickly. In it, people unload their responsibilities on others and free themselves by saying 'they/him/her should do it'. It is destructive for a nation. This should phrase doesn't have any tense and so it remains dangling in the air, never completed by anyone. It becomes a vicious cycle where everybody keeps on unloading their duties onto others. And nobody works. Because there is no time specified for should." doesn't it sound like so us? Shameful!

"verily, everyone of you is a guardian over other, and you all will be questioned about whom you guard. than king is guardian over his kingdom, he'll be questioned about it. and man is a guardian for his household, he'll be questioned about it and woman is guardian over her man and offspring and she'll be questioned about them and slave is guardian over his lord's estate and he'll be questioned about it. Verily you all are guardians and you all will be question about whom you guard." (Fazayly Amaal)



There are as many as 70 branches of imaan, one of which is haya. This is one of the main branches. Huzur Sallallahu alehi wasallam once said, 
"a person can follow their nafs when there is no haya left in them."

there are many factors which lowers haya, one of them is asking questions. There are many types of questions however the kind with which haya deals are the ones in which favors are asked. When a person keeps on asking the people for things than they become shameless. They get used to of asking for each and everything. They stop relying on their guts, abilities, and their believe in action vanishes. They become burden on their fellows.  

Sahaba ikram razi Allahu anhum were so careful of this. Even if their whip used to fall down while sitting on a camel, they would themselves come down and pick it up instead of asking a passer-by to pick it up for them. 

Dr. Iqbal says: 

"Asking weakens the Self"


Step Beyond The Rituals

An intelligent person said,


      "Real piety starts beyond religious obligations." 

رگوں ميں وہ لہو باقی نہيں ہے
وہ دل ، وہ آرزو باقی نہيں ہے
نماز و روزہ و قربانی و حج

يہ سب باقی ہيں ، تو باقی نہيں ہے



Unique Characteristic of Islam III

4: Safeguard of Wisdom:

Every thing which affects the mind and harms the senses is prohibited strictly. Consumption of alcohol and drugs, involvement in gambling (and any form of illegal exchange of business) are not allowed in Islam. 

Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. So will you not desist? [5:91]

Vulgarity is discouraged. 

O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. He only orders you to evil and immorality and to say about Allah what you do not know. [2:168-169]

Quarrels are discouraged. Hoodlums are not approved of. Terrorising, harassing innocents is prohibited.

Basic education is everybody's basic right. Punctuality and Leniency for prisoners is highly regarded. intense work load is discouraged. 

Suicide is haram. Do not put yourself under unlimited stress or senseless danger. 


Unique Characteristic Of Islam II

2- Safeguard of Honour:

To honour the self Allah made the rule of nikah which is taking a hold over woman by man in witness of Allah. 

 then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four.(4:3)

                             Allah made hudood laws which cannot be changed by anyone. 
Allah prohibited jealousy and all of it's other kinds.

3- Safeguard of Property:

The best way for Muslims of preserving the property/assets is to pay elms (Zakaat). 

Who believe in the unseen, establish prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them, (2:3)

Other than that, money laundering, bribery, interest, measuring less (than due), are all prohibited. It's against Muslim character to commit any of these acts.

Woe to those who give less [than due], (83:1)

Those who consume interest cannot stand [on the Day of Resurrection] except as one stands who is being beaten by Satan into insanity. That is because they say, "Trade is [just] like interest." But Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest. (2:275)

Heir are given their rightful amount in property. Allah sent strong commandments about distribution of one's wealth when they die. 

For men is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave, and for women is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave, be it little or much - an obligatory share. (4:7)

When you loan someone money, be humble and conscious of their state. Do not humiliate them. Do not ask repeatedly to pay the money back. Give them as much time as they need and when they return the loan; take it back as if you have been done a big favor and in fact you have been. Allah chose you to help one of His needy person.


Unique Characteristic Of Islam

Our Hadis teacher' teacher in one of his lectures said that Islam provides five benefits to it's followers which no other religion provides to their's. These are: 

1- Self-Preservation

2- Safeguard of Honour 

3- Safeguard of Property

4- Safeguard of Wisdom

5- Safeguard of Religion

I will explain one in each post. 


Allah says in Quran: 

"Murder of a single person is equal to murdering whole humanity." 

"And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Indeed, their killing is ever a great sin." [17:31]

Islam emphasize over preserving each and every soul. The life is important and cherished - regardless of religion, background, ethnicity, culture or any of the worldly factors. 

In Surah Hujrat Allah says to whole humanity: 

 "..O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another..."

even if there's any division than it's for the diversity and versatility in this world. 

Than there's personal space too which is ordered not to be violated. It is said:

"O you who have believed, let not a people ridicule [another] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one's] faith. And whoever does not repent - then it is those who are the wrongdoers." (49:11)

It is a commandment which encompasses whole humanity. Believers are commanded not to make fun of any group at all and not only a Muslim group.