Silence is Powerful

We have a saying in Urdu, "ایک چپ سو کو ہراتی ہے۔"

I had always been a person who believed to retort back in same way if someone criticize negatively. OK, and I have been kind of a person who never had to hear any criticism from anybody at all. In fact my khala used to say, "be a little tough or else people would take advantage of you." And that's what happened. I didn't know what was going on at first because I never imagined it would happen
to me. But a lot of things happened. With bitter experiences I learned to stay quiet. I used to hate myself for being quiet and took it as my weakness. But then I read a hadith narrated by Hazrat Anas (razi Allahu Anhu) سب سے بڑی نیکی خاموش رہنا ہے۔. And since then I have made it my lethal weapon.

We take silence for granted. We take God's delay as affirmation to our actions. We are so full of ourselves in our heads that we don't give a damn about anything. But God has His own ways of showing who is the real …

Protecting Children

It was a post on Facebook about bush fire in Australia and how to protect children from watching TV as its traumatic for children. A person commented "but you cn't shield them from the world and raise them ignorant." She didn't mean to make the kids watch news or talk to them purposefully about it. I agree with her. Ever since I have read about end of times, I have always wondered how would I prepare my kids about it. How much should I convey to them in what ways? Because that is something related to nurturing the right values from the very start. also the signs are beginning to show rapidly. Everythings is on our fingertips, our children's too. So they have to be educated about it so that they don't fall prey to these factors.

Frankly, I was taken aback by the book and what it had to offer. It was well-written, researched yet radical in some way. May be for me. Because I had no prior knowledege. I was consumed byt this world. listening to songs on radio, Ea…

Aazadi Book - Review III

The basic premise of all leaders which were included in Pakistan movement through 1857 was “Unity”. From Sir Syed’s ‘dulhan’ to Iqbal’s ‘mein uska banda banunga jis ko khuda k bandon se pyar hoga’, to Jinnah’s ‘faith unity and discipline. Even Mary Parker Follette, in her world renowned book, ‘The New State’, states ‘there should be a will to will the common will.’
They and others always talked about unity and power of people instead of rule of few. When Iqbal commended Ataturk’s revolution of democracy he said that the parliament can act like a body to bring into action what people demand. And Turkey is pioneering a great system when Khilafat ended.
Sir Agha Khan III said that the true leader is the one who listens to the inspirations and dreams of his people intently and realize them in physical form for them.
We in our age need to go back to our roots and learn from them that how they became great leaders. How they achieved great things; by listening to the time and the need of the…

Random II

He said I am confused about my direction. He left me questioning myself and my ideas. I asked him to specify but he changed the subject so I have to figure it out on my own. He is right to think that way. I don't judge his judgement. But I know that there's lack of understanding in this statement. It's okay. I will not explain myself because its of no use. 
I have things on my mind but that is not enough. One has to have time and presence of mind to turn those ideas into actions. Yes I am always talking (to myself about doing this and that) but its all talking and he doesn't see any thing substantial so he is right in a way. 
But who is going to change it. When am I going to have 'enough' time to have my ideas come true. Nobody tells me that. 
What did I want to say? Why did I come here? I just wanted to let it out to keep me going I guess. It gets quite strenuous to keep your mouth shut for hours on end. I have been reading a lot these days. But I can either read…


I am usually rude, mean, angry and moody with the kids. I take out my frustrations on them fully aware that I shouldn't be doing it but carrying on anyway after holding it inside me longer than necessary. Lately I have been trying to be patient with the kids. I see this transformation in my three year old as well. With me, he is also trying to control himself. Even going a step ahead by offering compassion to me. He surprises me. With Winter around the corner, I insist on eating everything warm (read hot). "It's medicine when taken warmer." I tell them. And they both accept it grumping about. So my three old had his egg and I didn't, I didn't feel like eating it. He saw it and came to me; "You didn't eat it? Meine bhe khal lia, affan ne bhe kha lia. Ap thanda khaengi to tabyat kharab ho jaegi. Phir mein apko dawayi nahin dunga." And my heart burst with I don't know what not. Yes, I become cruel and tell them that if they wet their clothes or…

Azaadi Book Review - Second Chapter

The second chapter of Aazadi book is about the first stage of active struggle of Muslims. This period is from 1886-1906 Syed's personality in that period towers over others. This stage is twenty year long and all of these years are brimming with Syed's efforts.

His efforts are defined beautifully by Iqbal that his ideas were so huge that they needed several generations to gradually unfold and reveal their consequences. The society free of want and poverty was the only goal behind every effort of Syed and it is unfolding even now after more than a hundred years.

He introduced the everlasting good which was in fact the soul of all human beings and which was going to be the centre of attention of our ancestors. All of their efforts revolve around her.

This period gave us the manifestation of consensus also. Canada came into being through dialogue and. Nobody imagined that, especially Britishers, after more than 50 years another state would come into being.
Syed and the group de…

Dialogue With A Giant - Last Part

This interview is divided into series for easy reading purpose. You can read parts I, II, III and IV as mentioned.
During freedom movement, the Muslims sadly didn't have access to different forms of media as Indian Congress had. Congress even had voices in British Parliament which spoke on their behalf; ruling Muslims totally out of mainstream. As a result, common English person didn't know which minorities existed in sub-continent and what was their stance. In this backdrop, they were unaware of Muslims' struggles and how they were subjugated. And so they were in favor of United India.

Also, it was (and also today) falsely believed that British wanted to create Pakistan. It is one of the greatest lies of history. Quaid-e-Azam made it a point in many of his speeches that "it was the common man who came first. You (educated people) came later" [for Pakistan Movement]. It is also discussed in detail in Mr. Khurram Ali Shafique's new book, Aazadi (urdu) that how…