ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Tolerance And Islam In View Of Iqbal

"...Those who talk of toleration in a matter like this(Islam) are extremely careless in using the word "toleration" which, I fear, they do not understand at all. The spirit of toleration may arise from very different attitudes of the mind of man. As Gibbon would say: There is the toleration of the philosopher to whom all religions are equally true; of the historian to whom all are equally false; and of the politician to whom all are equally useful. There is the toleration of the man who tolerates other modes of thought and behavior because he has himself grown absolutely indifferent to all modes of thought and behavior. There is the toleration of the weak man who, on account of sheer weakness, must pocket all kinds of insults heaped on things or persons that he holds dear.

It is obvious that these types of tolerance have no ethical value. On the other hand they unmistakably reveal the spiritual impoverishment of the man who practices them. True toleration is begotten of intellectual breadth and spiritual expansion. It is the toleration of the spiritually powerful man who, while jealous of the frontiers of his own faith, can tolerate and even appreciate all forms of faith other than his own. Of this type of toleration the true Muslim alone is capable....."

for further reading: Islam and Ahmedism by Muhammad Iqbal


Nationalism In Islam By Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

"...Nationalism in the sense of love of one's country and even readiness to die for its honour, is a part of the Muslim's faith; it comes into conflict with Islam only when it begins to play the role of a political concept and claims to be a principle of human solidarity demanding that Islam should recede to the background of a mere private opinion and cease to be a living factor in the national life. In Turkey, Persia, Egypt and other Muslim countries it will never become a problem. In these countries Muslims constitute an overwhelming majority and their minorities, i.e., Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians, according to the law of Islam, are either "People of the Book" or "like the People of the Book" with whom the law of Islam allows free social relations, including matrimonial alliances. It becomes a problem for Muslims only in countries where they happen to be in a minority, and nationalism demands their complete self-effacement. In majority countries Islam accommodates nationalism; for there Islam and nationalism are practically identical; in minority countries it is justified in seeking self-determination as a cultural unit. In either case, it is thoroughly consistent with itself..."

for further reading: Islam and Ahmedism by Muhammad Iqbal


The Tablet Of Zaraoster

The next Taseen belonged to Zarathustra. Ahriman (the Devil) was trying to dissuade him from going out to preach. “It is true that you have found the Truth, but do not go out to teach the world,” Ahriman was telling him. “Remember the sad plight of the prophets that have passed before you. Noah couldn’t convert his people and had to pray for a flood in the end. Others were tortured and killed by their people. One who has found God should give up the world and sit in a corner with his wisdom, his eyes closed in perpetual meditation. That is far better than prophet-hood.”
And thus spoke Zarathustra to Ahriman, “The light of God is like a sea, and I am the greatest storm born in its bosom so far. It is my calling to destroy the shores of darkness, and spread the light far and wide. This I must do. You cannot stop me by recounting the difficulties that may come with the task I have chosen. Love, in its perfection, cannot help reaching out to improve others.”

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WE-The Fool Errands

"... We need to rid ourselves of the absurd notion that we can change Pakistan, reform its government, or create real trust. We have neither the capacity nor the capability, and we certainly don't have the spare billions to keep throwing away on these fool's errands.

"No more magical thinking. It's time to grow up and deal with Pakistan as it is, not as we hope or wish it to be," he said at the hearing on Afghanistan and Pakistan held by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

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Synchronize your public and your private life. This is the key to taqwa. Abdul Nasir Jangda talks about how to believe in Allaah. Click here to watch the video.


Pocrastination Vs. Planning

These are lessons from a productive muslim (

Read and appreciate how easy it could be to gain Allah's mercy and pleasure.

Its DAY 4 of the blessed days of Dhull-Hijjah, what have you done?

Fancy the idea of writing a list of what good deeds you want to achieve daily and preparing for them? I do, you should too

because procrastination is the enemy and planning is the weapon. Using this weapon wisely makes one productive.

I implore us all to remember Allah in everything and khair inshaAllah.

May all our sins be forgiven and may our good deeds be accepted by Allah.

''Rabbana la tuzigh qulubana ba'da iz hadaydatana wa hablana min ladunka rahma innaka Antal Wahhab" Q3: 8

"Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate(from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You, Truly, You are the Bestower" Q3: 8

jazakumAllah khairan!