ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


The Tablet Of Zaraoster

The next Taseen belonged to Zarathustra. Ahriman (the Devil) was trying to dissuade him from going out to preach. “It is true that you have found the Truth, but do not go out to teach the world,” Ahriman was telling him. “Remember the sad plight of the prophets that have passed before you. Noah couldn’t convert his people and had to pray for a flood in the end. Others were tortured and killed by their people. One who has found God should give up the world and sit in a corner with his wisdom, his eyes closed in perpetual meditation. That is far better than prophet-hood.”
And thus spoke Zarathustra to Ahriman, “The light of God is like a sea, and I am the greatest storm born in its bosom so far. It is my calling to destroy the shores of darkness, and spread the light far and wide. This I must do. You cannot stop me by recounting the difficulties that may come with the task I have chosen. Love, in its perfection, cannot help reaching out to improve others.”

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