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Tolerance And Islam In View Of Iqbal

"...Those who talk of toleration in a matter like this(Islam) are extremely careless in using the word "toleration" which, I fear, they do not understand at all. The spirit of toleration may arise from very different attitudes of the mind of man. As Gibbon would say: There is the toleration of the philosopher to whom all religions are equally true; of the historian to whom all are equally false; and of the politician to whom all are equally useful. There is the toleration of the man who tolerates other modes of thought and behavior because he has himself grown absolutely indifferent to all modes of thought and behavior. There is the toleration of the weak man who, on account of sheer weakness, must pocket all kinds of insults heaped on things or persons that he holds dear.

It is obvious that these types of tolerance have no ethical value. On the other hand they unmistakably reveal the spiritual impoverishment of the man who practices them. True toleration is begotten of intellectual breadth and spiritual expansion. It is the toleration of the spiritually powerful man who, while jealous of the frontiers of his own faith, can tolerate and even appreciate all forms of faith other than his own. Of this type of toleration the true Muslim alone is capable....."

for further reading: Islam and Ahmedism by Muhammad Iqbal


  1. Islam advocates for promoting tolerance and moderation, and the Muslim is the one who surrenders to the will of Allah, the Almighty.
    There is logic in Islamic teachings backed by the modern day science regarding the miracle of the Noble Quran (the final word of God Almighty)
    Unlike other religious books, the Quran is a complete code of life miraculously gifted for the guidance of the entire HUMANKIND.

    Good blog! keep up your good work.

    I am following the site now.

  2. @tariq mian: Indeed. Jazakallahu khayrun. :)