ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves



It so happens that we enter a room for a purpose but the moment we enter, we forget why we came altogether. Then in this brief period our attention diverts to some other task and we get engross in it. And after considerable time we suddenly remember the real task and we have a chance to complete it.

The world is like that room, we entered in it with a purpose but we got distracted. before our time comes, we must do something about it or else, we'll be in "khasara" greatest loss after which there is no going back.

So what we need to do is be attentive all the time. Keep your purpose in your mind. I know that this is difficult. Allah said so himself that life of a momin is difficult. there's a hadis, I cant remember the exact words the excerpt is:

"The path to heaven is filled with thorns and the way to hell is
laden with flowers."

And that:

"The world for a believer is like a prison"

So now we are clear about our life and our destiny. both are difficult, strewn with many obstacles, but in the end fruit laden gardens, maidens for men and milk rivers are the imagination is going wild :D so what I was saying is.. be attentive. whatever we are doing, keep Allah ji and Hazrat Mohammad PBUH in our mind. their standards, their expectations and rules. does Allah ji approve of my ghussa? no!! calm down. drink water. for sake of Him. And you may also interact Him that I am doing it for You so help me. this helps alot. And when misbehaving with mum dad, shouting at them, think of how much Allah ji will be hurt by our attitude. These and many other consequences, behaviors we encounter in a day. and many a times we are going against them. Allah ji and Hazrat Mohammad. Hawwww!! this is so BAD and we don't even realize it. we have gotten so much used to it. Allah ji and Hazrat Mohammad are way too down in our lit of priorities you know, that is why this happens. I mean its impossible to ignore someone important, no??

I think you get the idea. with ALOT of practice and too much of hard work, we will Inshallah be able to remember our purpose all the time.

khoya na ja sanam kuda'ye kainaat mein
mehfil gudaz!garmye mehfil na ker qubool



  1. A very thought provoking message has been delivered in this post. We have lost ourselves in this material world and have left the straight path. We should start giving more attention Allah and his commands.

  2. Very nice.. We should think about it... Hamain apnay parents ka adab krna chahiye as we r taught by Allah Almighty and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)...

  3. @Sarah Thank you. :)

    @Atique thank you. :)

  4. Noor, I loved it. I loved it so much! :')

  5. Boht apniat say likha tha... very cute :) And got the message across too! MA. Keep up the great work.

  6. @Tazeen thank you, Tazy :)

    @Uni shukar, maqsad poora hogya. :) thank you.

  7. I would agree to the part where we got so used to the wrong things around us that doing and even merely thinking about the right thing seems difficult for us. And this is ironic because the sole purpose of our existence is programmed to do these right things. That shouldn't be so difficult for us. All we can do is to start within ourselves, realize our own shortcomings and pray that we overcome them for the pleasure of Allah SWT.

    MashaAllah, good post. :)

  8. @Bessy Espina right. Thank you. :)

  9. Jazak-al-ALLAH-al-Khair for a beautiful thought provoking message ...
    The Hadith you've stated there I'm not sure about that but similar kind a saying by Maulana Rumi;

    "Paradise is Surrounded By What We Dislike; The Fires of Hell Are Surrounded By What We Desire!"

    Regarding Purpose of Life, Iqbal said;

    "Dard-e-Dil Kay Wastay Paida Kiya Gaya Insaan
    Warna Atayat Kay Liye Kum Na Thay Kard-o-Biyan"

    [Translation: To help someone & feel others' pain is the purpose of our birth, otherwise angels and all creatures were sufficient enough to sever the purpose of praying for ALLAH]

    Stay Blessed Always! [Ameen]

  10. nice post..liked the way described it..implementation is a more tough phase than words though..

  11. @Mohammad Wasif Javed Thanks alot for sharing it. :)

  12. @majworld yes you are right, but no harm in trying it. :)

  13. @Assiya: That's exactly what's the trick of Shaytan in this age. This is one of the Signs of the Last Day, people not finding the wrong to be wrong and the right to be right

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  15. Though the reason of existence is summarized in these verses clearly that,

    We have not created the Jinns and Humans except they worship me