ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Life itself is a Worship

I was surfing through some ghazals on a facebook group Bazm-e-Urdu Adab and this one came up to me which is written by 'Jiger Muraad Aabadi'.
It goes like;

Rind jo mujh ko smajhte hain unhen hosh nahi,
Maikadah Saaz hoon main, Maikadah Bardosh nahi,

Mehv-e-Tasbeeh tou sabhi hain magar Idraak kahan?
Zindagi khud hi Ibaadat hay magar hosh nahi,

Main teri mast nigaahi ka bharam rakh loonga,
Hosh aaya bhi tou keh doonga mujhay hosh nahi,

Uth kay pehlu say gaya hay koi jis dam say jiger,
Mujh ko yeh wahem hay jaisay meray aaghosh nahi..

The thing in this poem that caught my attention was;

"Mehv-e-Tasbeeh tou sabhi hain magar Idraak kahan?
Zindagi khud hi Ibaadat hay magar hosh nahi,"

The meaning that I extract from it is simply that whatever we should do in our life should be for the sake of ALLAH. Every other action should be to make him happy, but SAD that nowadays we rarely do this while it had to be this way. We are trying to make our dreams true and forgetting that the main purpose of life is to worship ALLAH and indeed making him happy is worshiping him.


  1. Beshak. Rightly said. We have forgotten our purpose and instead of pleasing Allah we are more inclined towards meeting our desires.

  2. Beshak.
    Actually the thing is, our hearts today are not pure, like it used to be back in the days. If we purify our hearts. Every part of our life will be in sync with ALLAH and our religion Islam

  3. I tried to understand the verses, but ... beyond me :(.. So I read your conclusion in the end...

    And its a beautiful meaning and message MA. Thanks very much for sharing.

    If we could only dedicate ALL our tasks for the sake of Allah - think how would we ever ... ever go and waste a good hour on 'A Minute to Win it' on AXN ?? !!! *scowls very deeply at herself*

    Thanks for the reminder :(

  4. if only we would act upon it, many of the problems will vanish themselves. but sigh, we have forgotten why we were created. may Allah bring us to His path. Ameen!

  5. To correct a little , making him happy by worshiping him AND obeying all his rules , living as he has chosen life to be spent like , following every of His command without any doubt and question and spreading the message of righteous path as it is to others ........ :)
    Nice post !