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Something different yet so Beautiful

In today's world, different things can happen and people can ask different things. The result from them might be something enormous and beautiful. I will write down a small conversation that I read somewhere.

A: Don't we see that all natural processes take place on time? Has sun ever said that today I cannot rise because I do not feel like or I am tired of monotony? No, it never has. But, yes once it did not rise on time. Yes, there is one incident in history when sun did not rise on its prescribed timings. Can anybody tell me that?

B: The day Hazrat Bilal Habshi Radi Allah u 'Anhu did not give azaan. Allah SWT did not make the sun rise until Hazrat Bilal Radi Allhu 'Anhu called for fajar prayers. 

I was familiar with the incident. But the comment that followed was something that I was not familiar with. Something that I knew, but I knew not.

'A' said: "Taqwa kaainaat ko musakhhar karne ki quwwat rakhat hai"

Beautiful :)



  1. Ager ab bhi ho Ibraheem ka imaan paida,
    Aag kr sakti hai andaaz-e-gulistaan paida

  2. Tum mein koi huroon ka chahne wala hi nahin,
    jalwa-e-tur tou maujud hai, Moosa hi nahin

  3. Mashallah, so short yet so precise and beautiful!!!

  4. "Taqwa kaainaat ko musakhhar karne ki quwwat rakhat hai"
    Wah ! Subhanallah ! Very very nice post and true indeed ! :) Well done !

  5. I was wondering where have I read/heard this then I was reminded that it was one of my teachers who said that and I posted the conversation on my blog a long time ago :)


  7. Yes Irtiqa, I forgot to put the credit up there. It was copied from your blog. Sorry for that =/