ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


A Realization

Today I am sorry. I apologise to 70 million people who gave me a land to live with freedom. You ploughed it with your untiring efforts, dignity and blood. You dreamed for me to breathe in a free air, to sleep peacefully with my own people and I, I threw it away. You dreamed with your open eyes, a beautiful dream and you had the courage to make it reality and I couldnt stand it. I was selfish, I trashed your dream. I sailed through your tears and when I landed on land I polluted them with my selfishness. Yes I was and am so selfish that I forgot your strive, your efforts. your tears, hope, blood. I just think about me, only me. My education, my needs. I forgot my fellow beings. I dont acknowledge them when I dream for future like you did so many years ago. You died to give me life and I am killing you again, disgracing your name.

I am sorry. I threw it all away and perhaps, there is no other way to bring it all back. I didnt even thank you like its your right to be thanked.

I am a thankless, selfish being and I am sorry for it.


Wisdom of Iqbal

Someone inspired me to read Dr. Allama Iqbal's poetry and I am thankful for the person. Allama Iqbal's poetry is so intriguing. It does something to you. Like, urge to get up, do something. Though it was for the Muslims of sub-continent but it fits in today's time so well. Like Allama Iqbal is present among us and trying to wake us up. Inspiring us to do something. I collected some of my favourite stanzas from his collection and believe me it was a difficult task as I liked each and every one of his piece. We'll read em together from time to time so may be we actually start acting on what he wanted from us and prove to be his Shaheens. I hope you enjoy them.

~~bujhi ishq ki aag andhyr hai
musalman nahi raakh ka dhyr hai

Kesa andher hai hai kay ishq haq ki aag bujh gayi aur musalman
raakh ka dhair ban kar reh gya. yani musalman mein hararat ki jo bhi
mata’a thi who ishq haq ki badoulat thi. who mata’a zaya hui tou
musalman ki qadr o qeemat bhi jati rhi.

How injust it is that the flame in Muslims is put out and now their worth is reduced to ashes. As all that religious fervour which was so valuable was due to love for Allah, now is wasted and the value of Muslims is extinct!

~~mujhy ishq k per laga ker ura
meri khaak ko jugnu bana ker ura

mujhey ishq Rasool sallallhu alayihi wassallam kay baal o par baksh
dey takey mein muhabbat ki oonchi aur paak fiza mein urta phiron.
meri khaaq ko ishq ki aag sey aesa garma dey kay iss ka har zarra
jugnu ki surat par parwaz krne lagey

give me the wings and hair of passion for your beloved Prophet PBUH
so that I fly high in the extensiveness..light my dust with the fire of
Hazrat Mohammad's love that I take flight without any fears!

~~khirad ko ghulami se azad ker!
jawanon ko peeron ka ustaad ker!

Musalmanon ki zehniyaton ko ghulami ki qaid o band sey chura dey.
naujawanon ko ishq Rasool sallallahu alayihi wassallam kay nashey
mein aesa chuur krdey k who islami shariat kay ehkaam ki ta’ameel
mein buzurgon sey bhi bazi ley jayen.

rid the mentality of Muslims from slavery and intoxicate Muslim youth
in Hazrat Mohammad's love to the extent that they carry out his orders
obligingly and excel in them from their predecessors.

~~jiger sey wohi teer phir paar ker!
tamanna ko seenon mein bedaar ker!

Phir qaum kay jigr sey ishq-e-Rasool Sallallhu Alayihi Wassallam ka
wohi teer paar krdey aur zindagi ka muda’a haasil krne ki aarzu ko
afraad-e-millat k seeney mein jaga dey.

give the nation the same pain and earnestness for Hazrat Mohammad
and awaken a strong yearn/yrge in their bossom, of completing the
true aim of life.

~~jawanon ko soozy jiger bakhsh dy
mira ishq miri nazar bakhsh dy

Musalman naujawanon ko meri tarhan dil o jigr ka sooz o gidaaz ‘ata
kr dey aur jis tarhan mera seena ishq Rasool Sallallahu Alayihi
Wassallam ki tab o taab sey raushan hai aur meri nazrein haqeeqat
key nur se munawwar hain, yahi niamat wa sa’adat inhen bakhs dey.

Bless Muslim youth with ardent like you gave me and provide/ignite
them with same fervour with which my soul is enlightened. give them
same illumination and benediction with which you blessed me.

~~tiri aag is khakudan se nahin
jahan tujh se hai tu jahan se nahin

teri aag khaak k iss jahan se nahin. yeh aalam tujh sey hai tu iss
aalam sey nahin.

the dust with which you were created is precious. All Angels bowed
down to you. All this Universe is for your sake but you are not to
indulge in it. you have other obligations, destinations. This universe is
just a beginning of what you are going to have later.


A Dead Nation?

It started by giving our air bases to a so-called super power to attack a brother Muslim country. An unjust cruel attack and not only for one country but also for another when Pakistan allowed America to use the bases to attack Iraq as well! Our land was used to kill our own brothers just because our leaders turned out to be traitors. Then one of our sister was handed over to "them" because; I quote " she attacked 2 American soldiers and tried to shoot them" . She was kept with men in a male prison where she was treated in a way we wouldn't even treat a beast but no one came for her aid as she was labeled to be a "dangerous extremist" by our Masters and was sentenced for 83 years because of her "alleged attack" .

This begherti (immodesty) went on when one of our province was being bombarded almost everyday because our Masters think that their "enemies" are hiding there.. They killed many children and women let alone men to save themselves from "future attacks". Next, our leaders started an operation by the name "Operation Rah-e-Rast" in another province where limits were crossed. Our own army was killing our own brothers. whoa, no?!

But an American kills two men in broad daylight on a busy road of Lahore and call it self defense, even when suspicious elements are retrieved from him. A trial was held, hype was created that he won't be let loose but what happened?? He was released! Set free. To hell with those two men who lost their lives because of him! So what if the wife of one of them committed suicide in grief!

All this time we sat back and watched it happening to our own countrymen and Muslim brothers of the Ummah. The most we did was use obscene language for the leaders and representatives. We didn't stand like brave and fight, no! We are too weak to do that! We'll keep sitting doing nothing and one day our leaders will sell us too, grabbing their money and going away for their own safety. We'll be sold and will fall a victim to our enemy and they'd do whatever they'd want to do with us. Our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters---and we'll not be able to do anything because we brought them to us like we brought them to our Afghani, Iraqi, Balochi, Pathan bhai..

Another Muslim nation will come to an ibratnak (exemplary) end which it deserved just like when Granada was handed to Ferdinand. And remember one thing, Spanish Muslims had places to migrate to but we'll not find a single corner on this planet to hide because we gave it all to our enemy by our own hands, I can see it happening from my own eyes!

And one more thing; I will not sit back and watch it. I will fight. I will till my last breath!!


A Wise Advice


Quran"O my dear son! Establish worship and enjoin kindness and forbid iniquity, and persevere whatever may befall thee. Lo! that is of the steadfast heart of things." [Surat Luqman, Verse 17]

The wise words of Prophet Luqman (Peace be upon him) are timeless and they are for all people across all time. Notice the sequence of the advice: establish worship/prayer, enjoin kindness, forbid iniquity, be patient.
These 4 actions are a blueprint for any person who wants to be productive in their community:
1. First, you should establish your worship and prayer and make sure that you are firm on them,

2. Second, you should go out and guide people towards the good,

3. Third once, you’ve established yourself as a person who calls for good, you can venture into calling people away from harm and disobeying Allah; they’ll be more receptive to you since they know you always call them for good,

4. Naturally, not everyone will like your message so they might fight you or mock you, this is where patience is needed.
If each of us establish these four traits in our societies, the entire Ummah would be in a completely different state.
May Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) make us of those who are productive in our societies following Luqman’s wise words. Ameen.


Inside A Shell...

The dainty Pearl shone like a gem, so rare
A teardrop of a maiden in despair,
Like the brightest star discovered by man,
Both beauties combined of here and There.

- T.R.

"Why, you ask, do we cover ourselves?" asked she, as I sat up straighter in my chair and listened intently. "You don't really have to dwell that deep into it. It is because we are pearls; the most beautiful pearls there ever were. For who would want their pearl to get stolen?"

And it was as simple as that. Just a single comparison and the message was understood. Sometimes, you marvel at the intricacies, lost too deep into them, and forget to look at the clearer picture. We are blessed to be born into Muslim households, where each individual is given his or her due right, where every human is considered an equal of the other, where the only authority is but of the Almighty. Why then do we confuse ourselves? The answers are all present in His Glorious Book.

“O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognised and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful.” (Quran 33:59)

The Lord, ever so gently, tells the Prophet of what is better. It is not an order. Rather, it is an advice for what is better for the women. Today, we see that some of the women may opt for the hijab while the others might not. They may think that wearing one is a sign of suppression. I couldn't disagree more with them for I believe the hijab liberates women and gives them more confidence. They can go about their duties without being subject to harassment. What they should understand is that they are too precious to be viewed by everyone.

I find that I learn more each day and that once upon a time, I was among those who did not understand what wearing a headscarf was like until the day I decided I wanted to wear it. After all, isn't it the Creator, Allah, whom we should work towards pleasing than His creation, man? I used to think I would not have enough strength to face the questions thrown at me but when I decided to take up on this simple habit, things became easier themselves. Nobody told me that I should cover my head. Not friends or family. It was my own decision and I now pride upon it and pray that I never change.

The wearing of a hijab is quite simply one of the acts for thanking God for His blessings, for creating us the way we are. It does not make us less intelligent or smarter than the other women. It only makes us a notch better on the spiritual scale. Where women in the 21st Century are striving for their rights - and more specifically, for their education - they should also work upon illuminating their soul. For what could be better for the generations to come than a woman who not only had a pure heart and a sharp mind but also a luminous soul?

To conclude, the bounties of the Hereafter are undoubtedly too great to overlook such simple matters but what could be better than to improve yourself to make this world a better sojourn?


A Light

I don't understand why people miss big picture. Why do they choose temporary profit, happiness, satisfaction. why do they leave certain obvious things like fear of Allah, His approval or a blessing disguised. And they think, they are clever that they extracted some minor profit by using "their intelligence".

There's world and everything in it which is pulling me towards it. the temptations however minor or major they are, forcing me to take it and whatever is in it.

And there's Allah who's calling me towards Him. Telling me about all permanent and everlasting things, attracting me towards em!

O Allah, what do I do? where should I go? the world is so appealing. the glittering things are so enticing. I want all of it and more like I will live here forever. This is everything.
And then I see a Light, so luminous that darkens the world, embosing its black ghosts and their sinister faces which laugh in my face, on my stupidity that I am going to be one of them. The Light calls me, answering my restlessness, assuring me that its safe to give myself to It. The path is strewn with thorns that tear my skin, pick at my hands, feet, face, making it bleed but I go to the light because I want to escape those horrible faces and frightening dark.
The ghosts to grab me from behind and from my right and from my left and I am scared and I run faster towards the Light. The last step is tough, there's this big gap and I stand at one end looking at the Light and cry that maybe I failed, that I am lost again, those sinister faces are going to take me to the dark. Light somehow has mercy on me. it sees my bleeding face, hand , feet, torn clothes and soul and it grabs me into it. I am blind by Its intensity yet its pleasing to be in It. I am in It finally, safe, away from the ghosts. Relief washes over me and I look up to thank the Lord but I find Him beside me!

Allah gave me a sight to see what others failed to see. To enjoy everlasting blessings which others threw away for the temporary world."

Such is Allah's way to safe His creation. If its willing to be saved. If you move towards Him one step, He moves 10 steps towards you. If you walk towards Him, He runs towards you. This is my Allah. so Benevolent Exalted!

Alhumdulillahir rabbil aalameen.