ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


A Light

I don't understand why people miss big picture. Why do they choose temporary profit, happiness, satisfaction. why do they leave certain obvious things like fear of Allah, His approval or a blessing disguised. And they think, they are clever that they extracted some minor profit by using "their intelligence".

There's world and everything in it which is pulling me towards it. the temptations however minor or major they are, forcing me to take it and whatever is in it.

And there's Allah who's calling me towards Him. Telling me about all permanent and everlasting things, attracting me towards em!

O Allah, what do I do? where should I go? the world is so appealing. the glittering things are so enticing. I want all of it and more like I will live here forever. This is everything.
And then I see a Light, so luminous that darkens the world, embosing its black ghosts and their sinister faces which laugh in my face, on my stupidity that I am going to be one of them. The Light calls me, answering my restlessness, assuring me that its safe to give myself to It. The path is strewn with thorns that tear my skin, pick at my hands, feet, face, making it bleed but I go to the light because I want to escape those horrible faces and frightening dark.
The ghosts to grab me from behind and from my right and from my left and I am scared and I run faster towards the Light. The last step is tough, there's this big gap and I stand at one end looking at the Light and cry that maybe I failed, that I am lost again, those sinister faces are going to take me to the dark. Light somehow has mercy on me. it sees my bleeding face, hand , feet, torn clothes and soul and it grabs me into it. I am blind by Its intensity yet its pleasing to be in It. I am in It finally, safe, away from the ghosts. Relief washes over me and I look up to thank the Lord but I find Him beside me!

Allah gave me a sight to see what others failed to see. To enjoy everlasting blessings which others threw away for the temporary world."

Such is Allah's way to safe His creation. If its willing to be saved. If you move towards Him one step, He moves 10 steps towards you. If you walk towards Him, He runs towards you. This is my Allah. so Benevolent Exalted!

Alhumdulillahir rabbil aalameen.


  1. SubhanAllah!! The best post yet!! =)

  2. The best you've written so far. Masha'Allah! :) I honestly love it.

  3. Thanks for spreading light, that really highlighted many points. Thanksgiving for all the blessings and for all the little things that often come our way, and we take those for granted.

  4. So true. and May Allah bless u with HIS innumerable blessings Hira:) Excellent post.

  5. I agree with tazeen and sarah both. This surely is your best piece of writing. Keep up the good work, mate!