ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


A Realization

Today I am sorry. I apologise to 70 million people who gave me a land to live with freedom. You ploughed it with your untiring efforts, dignity and blood. You dreamed for me to breathe in a free air, to sleep peacefully with my own people and I, I threw it away. You dreamed with your open eyes, a beautiful dream and you had the courage to make it reality and I couldnt stand it. I was selfish, I trashed your dream. I sailed through your tears and when I landed on land I polluted them with my selfishness. Yes I was and am so selfish that I forgot your strive, your efforts. your tears, hope, blood. I just think about me, only me. My education, my needs. I forgot my fellow beings. I dont acknowledge them when I dream for future like you did so many years ago. You died to give me life and I am killing you again, disgracing your name.

I am sorry. I threw it all away and perhaps, there is no other way to bring it all back. I didnt even thank you like its your right to be thanked.

I am a thankless, selfish being and I am sorry for it.

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