ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Wisdom of Iqbal

Someone inspired me to read Dr. Allama Iqbal's poetry and I am thankful for the person. Allama Iqbal's poetry is so intriguing. It does something to you. Like, urge to get up, do something. Though it was for the Muslims of sub-continent but it fits in today's time so well. Like Allama Iqbal is present among us and trying to wake us up. Inspiring us to do something. I collected some of my favourite stanzas from his collection and believe me it was a difficult task as I liked each and every one of his piece. We'll read em together from time to time so may be we actually start acting on what he wanted from us and prove to be his Shaheens. I hope you enjoy them.

~~bujhi ishq ki aag andhyr hai
musalman nahi raakh ka dhyr hai

Kesa andher hai hai kay ishq haq ki aag bujh gayi aur musalman
raakh ka dhair ban kar reh gya. yani musalman mein hararat ki jo bhi
mata’a thi who ishq haq ki badoulat thi. who mata’a zaya hui tou
musalman ki qadr o qeemat bhi jati rhi.

How injust it is that the flame in Muslims is put out and now their worth is reduced to ashes. As all that religious fervour which was so valuable was due to love for Allah, now is wasted and the value of Muslims is extinct!

~~mujhy ishq k per laga ker ura
meri khaak ko jugnu bana ker ura

mujhey ishq Rasool sallallhu alayihi wassallam kay baal o par baksh
dey takey mein muhabbat ki oonchi aur paak fiza mein urta phiron.
meri khaaq ko ishq ki aag sey aesa garma dey kay iss ka har zarra
jugnu ki surat par parwaz krne lagey

give me the wings and hair of passion for your beloved Prophet PBUH
so that I fly high in the extensiveness..light my dust with the fire of
Hazrat Mohammad's love that I take flight without any fears!

~~khirad ko ghulami se azad ker!
jawanon ko peeron ka ustaad ker!

Musalmanon ki zehniyaton ko ghulami ki qaid o band sey chura dey.
naujawanon ko ishq Rasool sallallahu alayihi wassallam kay nashey
mein aesa chuur krdey k who islami shariat kay ehkaam ki ta’ameel
mein buzurgon sey bhi bazi ley jayen.

rid the mentality of Muslims from slavery and intoxicate Muslim youth
in Hazrat Mohammad's love to the extent that they carry out his orders
obligingly and excel in them from their predecessors.

~~jiger sey wohi teer phir paar ker!
tamanna ko seenon mein bedaar ker!

Phir qaum kay jigr sey ishq-e-Rasool Sallallhu Alayihi Wassallam ka
wohi teer paar krdey aur zindagi ka muda’a haasil krne ki aarzu ko
afraad-e-millat k seeney mein jaga dey.

give the nation the same pain and earnestness for Hazrat Mohammad
and awaken a strong yearn/yrge in their bossom, of completing the
true aim of life.

~~jawanon ko soozy jiger bakhsh dy
mira ishq miri nazar bakhsh dy

Musalman naujawanon ko meri tarhan dil o jigr ka sooz o gidaaz ‘ata
kr dey aur jis tarhan mera seena ishq Rasool Sallallahu Alayihi
Wassallam ki tab o taab sey raushan hai aur meri nazrein haqeeqat
key nur se munawwar hain, yahi niamat wa sa’adat inhen bakhs dey.

Bless Muslim youth with ardent like you gave me and provide/ignite
them with same fervour with which my soul is enlightened. give them
same illumination and benediction with which you blessed me.

~~tiri aag is khakudan se nahin
jahan tujh se hai tu jahan se nahin

teri aag khaak k iss jahan se nahin. yeh aalam tujh sey hai tu iss
aalam sey nahin.

the dust with which you were created is precious. All Angels bowed
down to you. All this Universe is for your sake but you are not to
indulge in it. you have other obligations, destinations. This universe is
just a beginning of what you are going to have later.


  1. ~ lab pe ati hai dua ban k tammanna meri,
    zindagi shamma ki surat ho khudaya meri,
    dur duniya ka mere dam se andhera hojae,
    har jaga nere chamaknay se ujala hojae...! ~

    Indeed very inspiring Hira.:) may ALLAH bless you always,ameen. well done. :)