ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


A Dead Nation?

It started by giving our air bases to a so-called super power to attack a brother Muslim country. An unjust cruel attack and not only for one country but also for another when Pakistan allowed America to use the bases to attack Iraq as well! Our land was used to kill our own brothers just because our leaders turned out to be traitors. Then one of our sister was handed over to "them" because; I quote " she attacked 2 American soldiers and tried to shoot them" . She was kept with men in a male prison where she was treated in a way we wouldn't even treat a beast but no one came for her aid as she was labeled to be a "dangerous extremist" by our Masters and was sentenced for 83 years because of her "alleged attack" .

This begherti (immodesty) went on when one of our province was being bombarded almost everyday because our Masters think that their "enemies" are hiding there.. They killed many children and women let alone men to save themselves from "future attacks". Next, our leaders started an operation by the name "Operation Rah-e-Rast" in another province where limits were crossed. Our own army was killing our own brothers. whoa, no?!

But an American kills two men in broad daylight on a busy road of Lahore and call it self defense, even when suspicious elements are retrieved from him. A trial was held, hype was created that he won't be let loose but what happened?? He was released! Set free. To hell with those two men who lost their lives because of him! So what if the wife of one of them committed suicide in grief!

All this time we sat back and watched it happening to our own countrymen and Muslim brothers of the Ummah. The most we did was use obscene language for the leaders and representatives. We didn't stand like brave and fight, no! We are too weak to do that! We'll keep sitting doing nothing and one day our leaders will sell us too, grabbing their money and going away for their own safety. We'll be sold and will fall a victim to our enemy and they'd do whatever they'd want to do with us. Our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters---and we'll not be able to do anything because we brought them to us like we brought them to our Afghani, Iraqi, Balochi, Pathan bhai..

Another Muslim nation will come to an ibratnak (exemplary) end which it deserved just like when Granada was handed to Ferdinand. And remember one thing, Spanish Muslims had places to migrate to but we'll not find a single corner on this planet to hide because we gave it all to our enemy by our own hands, I can see it happening from my own eyes!

And one more thing; I will not sit back and watch it. I will fight. I will till my last breath!!


  1. Chand logon ne Haq tumhara cheena hai,
    khaaq aese jeene per, yeh bhi koi jeena hai

    (Habib Jalib)

    Enough said.

  2. If you were with me, you'd be Sir Faisal's favourite student, I can guarantee that! :D

  3. @Faizan: rightly said!

    @Tazeen: I am my IR's Sir's favourite ;)

  4. ~Jisne suraj ki shuaoun ko giraftar kia,
    zindagi ki shab-e-tareek seher kar na saka,
    dhondnay wala sitaron ki guzargahon main,
    apnay afkar ki duniya main safar kar na saka...~