ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Leaders Vs. Nation

"DHA college teacher 'requests' for Al-Karam suit to clear the student in practical exam." I am not joking or exaggerating. Its real news. And it made me thought, why do you expect the politicians to be fair and just if we-ourselves are corrupt.- as student, teacher, businessmen, servants, jobians. Everybody is playing this corruption game according to their level, status and degree of access to the corruption.  These leaders are our mirror image. Displaying our characteristics, our cowardliness, reluctance, inaction. We lull ourselves back to slumber by blaming others of our shortcomings and lack of faith, dignity even morality. I read about a should-syndrome in Ashfaq Ahmed's Zawya II. He says: "Should Syndrome is a dangerous illness which spreads quickly. In it, people unload their responsibilities on others and free themselves by saying 'they/him/her should do it'. It is destructive for a nation. This should phrase doesn't have any tense and so it remains dangling in the air, never completed by anyone. It becomes a vicious cycle where everybody keeps on unloading their duties onto others. And nobody works. Because there is no time specified for should." doesn't it sound like so us? Shameful!

"verily, everyone of you is a guardian over other, and you all will be questioned about whom you guard. than king is guardian over his kingdom, he'll be questioned about it. and man is a guardian for his household, he'll be questioned about it and woman is guardian over her man and offspring and she'll be questioned about them and slave is guardian over his lord's estate and he'll be questioned about it. Verily you all are guardians and you all will be question about whom you guard." (Fazayly Amaal)


  1. Really? Al-Karam suit? That is shameful. Do you have a link to the original article?

  2. @Tazeen: actually it happened to my sister's friend.