ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves



There are as many as 70 branches of imaan, one of which is haya. This is one of the main branches. Huzur Sallallahu alehi wasallam once said, 
"a person can follow their nafs when there is no haya left in them."

there are many factors which lowers haya, one of them is asking questions. There are many types of questions however the kind with which haya deals are the ones in which favors are asked. When a person keeps on asking the people for things than they become shameless. They get used to of asking for each and everything. They stop relying on their guts, abilities, and their believe in action vanishes. They become burden on their fellows.  

Sahaba ikram razi Allahu anhum were so careful of this. Even if their whip used to fall down while sitting on a camel, they would themselves come down and pick it up instead of asking a passer-by to pick it up for them. 

Dr. Iqbal says: 

"Asking weakens the Self"

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