ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves



These territorial boundaries,
Are wild berries,
Which cease the growth of Fact,
That says all are one,
And none is allowed to shun,
The sun to shine on a land,
And give hand to weak and aged,
They stop us from hearing the sobs of our brothers and sisters,
The lines that are drawn in name of constitution are all lies, that break the ties,

I can't go on being unaware of my own; beyond the line,
I can't close my ears to their calls,

The blood that ploughed these fake borders,
Is ready to surface,
To remove the false wires,
the old tradition will once again,
Bind the lands to their innate.


(I have been thinking and I came to a conclusion that this state system in some ways has been destructive for us as Muslims. We have become too distanced from our own kind.)

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