ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Sincere Repentance

An elderly gentleman passed by a group of debating youths who asked him to settle a matter between them. One of them asked, “We are debating whether Allah keeps special watch on the heart of a righteous and sinless person or on the heart of a grave sinner who sincerely repents?”

The man replied to the youth, “My son, I am not a scholar, but I have observed one thing in my profession as a cloth weaver. As I work the spool a thread no doubt breaks and so I tie it back up, and from that point on keep a special eye on that specific thread to see that it does not break again. Its entirely possible that when someone repents from a previous satanic life and returns to Allah that Allah keeps a special watch on him to make sure that that heart does not slip and go astray again.”

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