ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


A Warning Sign

A youth migrated from India to Pakistan but lost touch with all his relatives over time and thus found himself all alone. An uncle had also migrated but the two became separated and thus they lost all contact. This youth was hard working and thus Allah rewarded him with wealth and a large comfortable house.

An elderly gentleman then approached him one day and said, “I am old and alone here without any family or relation. I am willing to work and keep watch in front of this house if you employ and feed me.” The youth agreed and fixed a wage for the elderly man.

Now since this man was elderly he moved slowly and sickly due to age and health. Hence if working slowly or not at all due to illness at anytime his employer would become very angry and curse him, something that would deeply hurt the old man so that he would even be reduced to weeping. Once it so happened that the young man cursed this old man so severely that the latter said, “My son, Allah is the Provider, so if your heart is not pleased with me I shall go elsewhere. Destiny has reduced me to this otherwise I had come with a lot of my relatives but we all became separated and I do not know what happened to them.”

Hearing this reminded the young man of his own situation regarding his own relatives he had originally started with from India. He asked, “Old man, what happened to your relatives?” Thus the old man told his entire story of migrating from India to Pakistan during which he became separated and lost from his family. The young man was stunned and realized that this was the same uncle he had come with from India who his mother would pine for since they lost all contact.

The youth now fell to his uncle’s feet weeping and begging forgiveness for his harsh words and actions. He pleaded, “Uncle I have erred please forgive me. This entire mansion is yours to live here and do as you please for the rest of your life.” However, his uncle declined the offer and said, “No my son, I now realize my place in this world and who I am.”

This youth gravely misjudged a certain situation and now the reality turned out to be something very different from what he had assumed. Realizing the truth he now begs forgiveness from the same person he was cursing a moment earlier, but regretfully cannot turn back the clock.

The situation is likewise for the believer who has become estranged from Allah. Only when he comes in the company of those close to Allah does he begin to recognize his Creator and realize what a wasteful life he has been living.

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