ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


A Prayer

O, Creator!
You are our shelter,
from hell fire,
we call upon You,
Only You..
in sickness and in health,
in happiness and when sad.
You created us from mere dust,
and enabled us to conquer universe,
what are we without You..
and everything with You,
keep us save from Your anger,
we only intend to gain Your approval!

accept our plea,
Oh, Al-Bari*!


Note*: Al-Bari is one of Allah's ninety nine names, it means; The Evolver, the Maker, the Creator who has the power to turn the entities. Source:


  1. Ameen!
    Subhan Allah! Lovely prayer. May Allah listens it for you and for everyone who gets to read it...

  2. Aameen!

    Excellent effort is being put in by the writers of this blog. May Allah bless you all, keep you in His eternal rahmah and accept all your efforts.

  3. @Ph_ ameen, its for everyone. :)

    @Fahad: :)

    @NA: Jazakillah. we really need prayers. ameen. :)