ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road,
Its never too late to turn back.

   No one knows for sure when he/she will die but people just tend to believe that since they are young they still have many years ahead to devote themselves to Allah. But the truth is; you never know, this might be your last breath.

   Don't wait till you get old to turn to Allah. 

"Jo jawan shaks shoq se Allah ki ibadat karta ha
qayamat k roz wo Allah k saey me hoga"

   So many natural catastrophes have been happening these days. So many people are getting killed. You don't know when you walk out of your house whether you'll be able to walk back in or will your body be carried back. Although life has always been unsure but now people have more reason to believe it since they can see all that's going on around. 

   The things we are encountering, it is a warning from Allah, it's still not too late to repent. He will forgive us readily if we really seek forgiveness truly. It's high time we realize our mistakes and come back on the right path "sirat-e-mustaqim".

   May Allah guide us to the right path (Ameen)


  1. To turn yourself back, you need motivation. I repeat motivation.

  2. Indeed. Motivation is the most important factor that leads to change.