ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


A Secret in the Acceptance of Du'a by Sheikh Zulfiqar Ahmad

Some friends say: "Hadrat! We make a lot of du'a but it is not accepted". Students many times say that they are in difficulties. Sometimes, the Ulama even say: "There are obstacles and difficulties. Please make du'a. I have been making du'a for a long period of time but signs of acceptance have not become apparent."

At such times I teach my friends a secret for the acceptance of du'as. I will teach it to you also. If you practice upon it, Insha Allah, you will no longer need to search for the Isme A'zam. You will see it before your eyes just as you complete saying the words. I have experienced this not a hundred times but thousands of times. The action is small but the results is great. If only we could understand the reality of this. Today, you too will come to know the method for the acceptance of du'as. The du'as of the pious are accepted. The pious are not made out of gold, neither are they any superhuman creation. They are also human. The difference is that they have removed the intention of sin from their hearts and they have handed themselves completely over to Allah. They ask with the same cry and bow before the same door. The cry with which the disciple asks, is the same as the cry of the spiritual guide. The door at which the student begs, is the same as the door before which the teacher begs. The spiritual guide and teacher receive because they have eradicated sin from their lives.

The secret for the acceptance of du'as that the author has learnt from his elders and experienced thousands of times may seem small. You may sometimes listen to a simple word and laugh, saying that this is nothing special. However, for a person who finds relief in a small dose of medicine, this will be the best medication in the whole world for him. He will not look at the value of the small dose but will see the medication that has granted him relief. Listen to this pointer with the ears of your heart and try it out yourself!

Whenever a time comes in life when you have the opportunity to sin and you refrain, due to the fear of Allah, at that very second, make a du'a to Allah. Allah will accept your du'a at that very moment.


  1. i ended up here while trying to locate Faizan's twitter page and i guess this is better than finding that(which i dint of course).
    This post is so helpful for me, Thank you!
    Will try reading the rest 99 ASAP. keep up the great work guys. JazakAllah Khair =)

  2. @Fiza: appreciation is needed. barakillahil kheyr. :)

  3. :) yes yes, it's better finding hazrat jee than me :p

  4. @Fahab :) all credit goes to my very own hazrat jee :)

  5. Beautiful and universal practice in praying to Allah and receiving help and peace. As much as we mortals want to better ourselves -- I am also reassured many times that He wants this for us infinitely more. There are so many sources of wisdom which back this up on every hand and we find this when open to see. Yet as you have spoken, practicing the same for ourselves is the best proof of all.

    Shukria Faizan. :)