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Difference Between a Horse and Man

A horse, being a dumb animal is nevertheless loyal to the master who raised it and subsequently owns it. If worked endlessly all day it cannot complain if it is sick or ask for water if thirsty, and will work endlessly the following day in the same way for its master. The horse can only hope for some rest only if the master happens to stop for his own business and in the same way hope for some water only if it happens to be available. It cannot stop according to its will if the need arises and has to relieve itself while pulling the cart on its way.

Moreover if given less than its full share of feed at the end of a long hard day it cannot even complain at that. The master retires to his warm bed at night but there is nothing but the cold stable for the horse, no wife and children to give it comfort and joy.

If this horse develops an open wound it still cannot complain that the master did not bandage it, and if whipped will also bravely withstand this cruelty if only because it knows the master’s bidding must be done.

Standing in the ranks of battle facing the swords and arrows of the enemy the horse still does not hesitate when it feels the master’s heel in its side. The horse knows that the master wants it to advance into the enemy’s ranks for battle, and it heroically charges forward despite suffering wounds from the swords and arrows because of its unquestioning loyalty to its master and recognizing that the master’s bidding must be done.

A horse is a dumb animal but yet so loyal and obedient that it will give its life for its master. Man who has been given intelligence is nowhere as close in his obedience and is an ingrate considering the tremendous favors of Allah showered upon him each day. There are three hundred sixty joints in the human body, yet who gives thanks at the end of the day that every joint remained intact and no harm came to his body?

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