ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves



Hmm.. Yesterday I was thinking about my new phone and the amount of time I spend with it. It reminded me of  Ishtiaq Ahmed's novels. On their second or third page there were some advises written by author for his (usually young) readers. Those were: 

Make sure;

1- You have performed obligatory prayer.
2- your parents don't need your help
3- you have completed your homework. 

If any of the above chore is left, kindly complete it and then start this novel. 

Isn't it great?? I mean, how prudent he was. He didn't want his good intentions to be scoffed at in anyway. He never missed a single opportunity to teach us. Wow.

We have grown up. We have learned many things. We need to apply them now. Wherever we are. Must not forget the tarbyah.    

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