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Aman ki Asha? Think Again.

The stadium was filled with blue. (India's cricket uniform is blue). Commentators were saying how they can't find the single green among this 'sea' of blue. (Obviously, who would have wanted to be burned alive by those biased people). Mum commented during the match that Pakistanis weren't granted the visas for today's match. We couldn't believe it. She said it's in today's paper. (The 'paper' who is the biggest trumpet for Pak-Ind friendship) and we were furious for India's hypocrisy, yet again. This is no hate post, I am hurt the way they treat us. It's unfair. and our representatives, who runs to them like a dog, who goes to it's master when called, wagging it's tail and gets kicked instead of being thrown a bone to him. I just want to show the real face of those who talk about 'Aman ki Asha', on both sides. This idea infuriates me from the very beginning. This hypocritical idea of Aman ki asha between India and Pakistan is not possible. Our people or rather 'few people' namely our popular paper Jang, goes out of their way to respond to Aman ki asha and even take steps to increase this process but India always always don't respond. Our people are so desperate to make their 'masters' happy that they don't mind India's cold shoulder, in the slightest. India has always been mean, OK, may be, most of the time. They have always betrayed or went back on their words. Look at what happened to our blind cricket team captain. He was given acid in his breakfast, on their tour to India for the series. I mean seriously. What were they thinking? Where did their security measures go? And no investigations, no apologies so far. They are lenient for trading visas between these two countries but they will not permit our people to watch their teams' match in their country, wah!

Hypocrisy at it's peak.

The history, both recent and earlier, is full of these kind of 'incidents' whenever we are dealing with India.

And by the way, from where did they come with this term, 'Aman ki asha', I mean seriously, are Pakistanis in their senses to even think about it?

This is outrageous!

Ishant Sharma (Indian player) became nasty to our side.
And oh, by the way, we won. Pakistan beat India, thoroughly in their 1st T20 of their tour.


  1. umer toor, brother in faithDecember 25, 2012 at 11:55 PM

    This is a shocking revelation to me... I've always been dubious of this aman ki asha. Lets monitor their activities closely and if we get enough substantial evidences of even indirect damages to Pakistan's interest, an article would be due...

  2. I watched the whole match and listened the post match analysis as well. I found their commentators fairly praised our Pakistani team for their performance. I don't know about the visa thing, didn't hear anything in the news about it.

    Being 'mean' in any relation (between people or countries) is a relative term. We are taught that Indians are mean and hypocrate. Similarly, they have the same opinion about us. There are problems both sides. On both sides, the academic curriculum presents a distorted version of history and we grow up with a strong hatred towards the other nation.

    In my humble opinion, being aggressive is not a solution. I agree that the relation should be on equal basis. And we should appreciate peace efforts from both sides. Islam also teaches us to be patient and have good behavior even with worst of enemies. Our aim should be to focus on Pakistan prosperity and that would come only if we will have peaceful relations with neighbors and spend money on the people of Pakistan.

  3. And regarding 'Aman ki asha', the steps like showing Indian dramas or the indian content on our media should be strongly discouraged which have a bad effect on us. But things like mutual trade etc are good steps which have mutual benefits should be supported IMHO.

  4. I am surprised to see such a post on Tagheyyur. Very surprised.