ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Ba Adab Ba Naseeb

(Guest post by Nimra Khursheed)

Five minutes were remaining for the class to be dismissed when a student practically yelled from his seat: Jao na yar! (Get out  buddy!)
 Witnessing no response another student joined in: Sir! Time is due!
It was then a hustle bustle started at the back of the class where the boys were sitting , the remaining  students taking the lectures with boring faces.
‘‘Yes! I know the period is due. Thank you for the reminder.’’  Responded  the teacher glumly and headed for the rostrum to gather his belongings.                                                                           


She was noting the lecture when a fetid odor assaulted her senses...Ya Allaah! Not again.
Somebody was smoking in class while the teacher--- ignorant of his surroundings-- was delivering his lecture.
As he weaved his way to the Economics Department that afternoon a number of  motorbikes approached his car and in an attempt to stop him they encircled the car enforcing him to climb out and attacked him due to some conflicts raised in class days back. The teacher got badly injured.
We were keenly engrossed in noting our lecture when a shout from the corridor interrupted us. Leaving our class the teacher went straight in that direction and asked the student: ‘’When your teacher is delivering lecture what are you doing here?’’
‘’When the teacher has no problem , why do you  bother?! Mind your own business. ’’ Replied the student, disrespected.
It aggravates me, to see students degrading and disrespecting their teachers, not obeying their commands and not taking care of the etiquettes in this regard. What goes around certainly comes around. The good you sow today will ripen into something better tomorrow and same goes for otherwise.  The youth of today are devastating in their moral and ethical attitude and disrespect towards teachers is one of the incentives towards their approaching doom. The time and efforts our spiritual parents put in our physical and spiritual health need not to be wasted this way. (there are things wrong on their part too but we must check our behavior first).  Yet they happily spend their time that will never come back to them.  Turning into urchins the minute your teacher dare to speak against you, raising your voice in front of an angry teacher and diverting the class with phrases and statements which according to them will make them appear ‘cool’ (in their opinion) is all but sheer indecency. The conduct of Sahaba Razi allaahu anhum 1400 years back was such that they would sit bowing their heads as if birds had perched on their heads. At least listen quietly if you do not wish to act!
I remember how the Abbasid Caliph used to straighten his teacher’s shoes--- it was a sign of adab, respect!
Eventually, it will be students who will suffer in the end.  If the students do not respect their teachers and also each aspect that contributes in their education; the mentors, books, pens, etc. all of these things will not return the kind of benefit they want them in return because: baa adab baa naseeb, bey adab bad naseeb! 


  1. Greetings Nimra Khursheed,

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    Respect, manners, very central.

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