ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Pen or Sword

They are right; pen is mightier than sword. Sword kills you at once, a momentary pain. Pen is another story, if it comes on to dig you deep and injecting venom into your veins than nothing can surpass it. You bleed out,  cutting yourself to take it out of your system but it keeps on killing you. Those words gives you an unspeakable grief, you cannot help but cry. And that's what I did. His words, his gall to offend my country made me cry. I had never thought that somebody would be so driven, audacious to really work to poison their readers. His words were plain hate for Pakistan. They were screaming out to their readers to give up on Pakistan, it's useless. I cannot copy his article here. No, just by thinking about it makes me angry and sad. People are always insulting Pakistan all the time. I don't understand them at all. How dare they speak evil of the thing I love the most. The most precious that ever happened to Muslims after a long time. A gift from Divine. A Reality. How can they live here yet disgrace this very place, denounce millions of people's sacrifice with just a scratch of their pens. How can they! How dare they!!

He wrote in the end:

.."Pakistan must shift its priority towards the prosperity and well-being of citizens and cease to discriminate on the basis of religion and ethnicity. Instead it should seek to become a normal nation. Normal countries like Japan, the Netherlands, Britain, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey or Indonesia offer far better models than the US or Israel. The lack of any clear mission or ideology is an advantage — normal countries are well-adjusted and at peace, both internally as well as in relation to the rest of the world."..

What this man is seeking is beyond me. His hate was so visible that it saddened me more than angering me. Does he really think that a nation can work when unclear about their objectives? Is he insane or retarded? People like them are a serious threat to national interest and security. Why did this newspaper published this article? On independence day? With Quaid's shining portrait on the top? They are shameless. This is pure mockery. 

And this has made me more determined. Me too will use my pen, but unlike him, I will spread compassion and good. Inshallah. 

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  1. Greetings Noor,

    You are exceptionally gifted with the pen.

    All good wishes,