ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Darul Amal Wa Darul Jaza

(Guest post by Nimra Khursheed)

‘‘Who is going to come for the summary of what has been delivered uptil now?’’  The teacher demanded for a direct impromptu presentation. 
Now? At hand presentation? Amidst a crowd of 60 people?!
‘‘And would like to gain a positive marking?’’  The teacher added eyeing the students. 
Silence loomed from every corner of class. Fidgeting in their seats as to whom the teacher would now ask to present ; the students found the offer devouring , but they all had a common excuse: WE ARE NOT PREPARED!
Compare the aforementioned situation with the one we are now undergoing.
 Allah Tala’s conduct is different from this teacher. He will not demand for an impromptu presentation. He will not ask you or me randomly to come and deliver what we are doing in the world without giving us the time to prepare. Rather, Allah Subhan Watala has given us quite enough amount of time to prepare. To prepare a blasting presentation that will bring a roar of applause, praise and positive markings in return. A presentation to be delivered not to a mass of mere 60 people but to His entire creation. He has provided us the course outline(faraiz etc), the reference books(Quran,Sunnah,Hadis books) and has also appointed the most perfect teacher Prophet Muammad May Peace and Blessing be Upon Him. We are the most blessed creation of Allah Tala, We must not lose in the presence of such powerful elements. Prepare for this presentation before the night  befalls that follows no morning.

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