ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Religion and Society

When speaking about something, be conscious of what you are saying.For being ignorant of the consequences or more, being obstinate about the consequences is not a good thing. We as Muslims should be more considerate of this fact. What if we say something which is counted as shirk even if in slight manner. Or we hurt a fellow being which is another serious crime in the eyes of Allaah. Things may be small or insignificant according to us but can be of enormous impact in the eyes of Allaah.

Nowadays, there is a fashion to slander about almost everything and sadly, religion is no exception to this bad trend. People say whatever they want without considering the fact of what it means or what are its implications. For instance, I hear a lot of people saying that religion should be separated from government. Its a personal matter, everyone is accountable to their own actions. This is a very silly thought. Religion is a code of life. These are the divine rules set for our own safety. Even if we don't want to follow them, there must be a body or system which supervises the observance of there rules. These are to save ourselves from ourselves. Like there are rehabilitation programs for alcoholics, for criminals, etc. why? Its their choice. Leave them and let them do what they want to do with their lives. But no, we don't leave their choice on them. We are being selfish as by providing them rehabilitation, we save ourselves from many mis happenings which they will cause us. Likewise, the system observing the application of religion in daily life works this way. The authorities make sure that religion is being properly followed. That no prejudice on any level is being done. If we don't follow religion properly, we'll hurt people around us. Because we live with others , we have to take them in account of our actions. Religion cannot be separated from the society or else will become like that uncontrollable drunk who is let loose on his own. He can't survive this way and he is bound to do serious damage to himself and others and so he has to be controlled. The society has to be controlled or it will kill itself. It will not be a productive one. It will not flourish . It has to work under certain boundaries. It must work under rules which benefit all and leaves none. Which takes care of everybody's welfare. And a religion ridden society can do it all.


  1. "Religion cannot be separated from society." - This says it all.

    A very well-written piece of writing. Thought-provoking too.

  2. This is an interesting point, and I think I can agree to some extent.
    Yes religion is a code of life, a set of rules to live in peace with God and His creation. However there are some fundamental differences in the doctrines of religions, and when the followers of one faith forcefully impose their religion on another minority, then that is wrong. Everyone should be given the freedom to practice what they wish to do so.
    The blasphemy law of Pakistan sums up my point. It attacks anyone that doesn't agree. And that I think is when politicians should stay out of religious matters.

  3. @Nas: I forgot the point about'forceful imposition' you are right about it. Religion is never forced. but blasphemy laws are other story. I dont know much about it.

  4. Oh ignorance. It really hurts when our scholars have been removed of their rightful places in our an untouched Quran on the highest pedestal in your house. There is much we don't know about our religion that are in fact solutions to our political troubles. Instead, we choose the way of the disbelievers.. which, among all other ideologies is no different. May Allah help us.

  5. @Aasiyah: scholars. Aah! may be we all have forgotten our duties.