ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves



Disclaimer: This piece is copied from a book I read 5 years ago. I am sorry I can't remember its name.

"To Dear Mohammad (sallallhu alaehe wasallam) The Savior Of Mankind From Whom Flows Directly All What Is Great In Modern Life"

>Sind was the first part of the sub-continent to be lit up by the light of Islam. In the wake of this light came the freedom and equality of man. For the first time since the time began, the people of Sind knew what it meant to live on human level. People in the rest of the sub-continent were still doomed to sub-human lives. This rare good luck earned for Sind, the title of "Bab-UL-Islam" or the Gateway of Islam.

To conquer Sind, Hajjaj's choice fell upon his youthful nephew Mohammad Bin Qasim. Mohammad would no doubt would make a boy-commander, but that did not matter. There had been boy-commanders in Islam before. Usama bin Zaid was also a boy-commander, appointed by Messenger(PBUH) of Allaah himself. So Hajjaj finally made up his mind to put his son-in-law in command. The task was a difficult one. Mohammad had to march into the strange land of the Hindus, across wide desert tracts. He had to fight an enemy made over-bold by two easy victories. He was to be among alien people with whom he had nothing in common. His handful of men could be easily overwhelmed by the sheer weight of members. These and other similar considerations were enough to un-nerve even a tried general. But Mohammad was made of different stuff. He was as cool and prudent in dealing with men as he was fearless in battle. No task could be too difficult for him. With calm confidence he made over charge at Rayy and set off to Shiraz where he was to join his army. THE YOUTHFUL COMMANDER OF ISLAM WAS ON HIS WAY TO SIND.

The young conqueror of Debul showed un-heard of tolerance and kindness to the fallen foe. It was a pleasant surprise to the inhabitants of Nirun to find that their conquerors were the best of men. They were extremely kind, sympathetic and did their utmost to make the people happy. By his kind treatment Mohammad won the hearts of the people.

The people of Sehwan were glad to get rid of Bhajra. They raised shouts of joy as Mohammad bin Qasim entered the city. The youthful Arab commander was extremely nice to them. Through his kindness and justice, Mohammad was able to bring under his flag almost the whole of Sind to the west of the Indus with the exception of Debul. Nowhere did he have to use the sword. The younger general of Islam knew how to conquer men's hearts. This proved the most powerful weapon then the sword. The remarkable achievement of Mohammad bin Qasim in Sind is a landmark in Muslim history. India was the first country where Muslim conquerors had to deal with a whole nation of idolaters. Mohammad treated the Hindus with tolerance. Mohammad knew that Allaah, and not he was the real author of the victory. Jumping down from his horse, he fell on his knees and bowed his head in thanksgiving.

(In the next part we'll read how this Young Commander met his heartrending end)

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