ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Hijab And Women Of Today

Written by Noor-e-Hira and Sarah Saqib.

How ironical is that those of us who have the freedom of easily cover and protect themselves from the dirt of the society are not availing this blessing yet on the other hand those French Muslim women despite of being subjected to injustice are still determined to continue it. They are ready to suffer the worldly punishments in order to save themselves from hell fire. While these women are moving forward on "Sirat-e-Mustaqeem" we are rushing towards "Liberalism" It is ultimate foolishness; we have Allaah's Kalaam, which is in the form of strong commandments then we have the examples of Sahaba and Sahabyat who molded themselves completely to these commandments. For those who consider these examples as tales of old times which cannot be applied in "modern times" then they can have a look on these French Muslim women who are strong in belief and are ready to give away their worldly luxuries over Jannat's Prizes and are following sahabyat in true meaning. I pray that

"May Allaah protect them from all the evils and satanic way of this world and give them best and best of Jannat" Ameen

And for the likes of us, may Allaah make us the doers!


  1. Great WORK....i just dont have enough good words install in my pea size brain to praise your contribution for our religion Islam...... kEEP UP A GOOD WORK AND your blog is super coool...:)

  2. مٹا دیا مرے ساقی نے عالم من و تو
    پلا کے مجھ کو مے لا الہٰ الا ہو

    میری آپ سے استدعا ہے کہ آپ قرآن مجید کے تہ در تہ معانی پہ غور کیجئے اور اسے تنگ نظری کا شکار نہ ہونے دیں- برقہ، حجاب، دوپٹہ کی بحثیں مسلمانوں میں نفاق پیدا کر کے انھیں کمزور کر رہی ہیں اور قوم کی توانائیاں ضایع ہو رہی ہیں - ممکن ہے آپ یہ مضمون پڑھنا پسند کریں

  3. @Sakib Ahmed burqa niqab nifaq ki cheezein nahi hain. Allah Ta'ala said k '...taky tum pehchan li jao or satai na jao" Surah Ahzab. ayah-59. kahan se nifaq agya? Nifaq wo log la rhy hain jo isko utar k phenkwany ki baatein kar rhy hain. or dusri bat ye k niqab hijab koi "kirahyat" ki cheezein nahi Islam mein bohat pakeeza or haseen hain. kirahyat bina burqy mein hai. ager ap samjhein to. :)

  4. Encouraging thoughts...Masha-allah, Ameen for the Dua.