ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Come to Falaah

Do not be a part of spreading of evil. Like good completes its full circle, evil does the same. It returns back to its origin, from where it had started. Doesn't it sound scary that one day an evil deed or saying will come back to us. haunt us, punish us for what we had done! And think of akhirah, the judgement day! It is said that; every person will have to carry their own weight of deeds.(Al-Baqarah)

Nobody will get rid of their bad deeds, nobody there will carry it for you. The more bad you did in this world the heavier will be your sack of deeds. The more you did good here in the world the lighter it will be. It is also said that like if
someone does a good deed and it goes on in a chain, and until it is alive the reward will be given to the person who started it and other persons who continued it. Likewise it is for evil. Until that evil is alive, the originator, the person who started it, will be punished until then, people who participated in it and continued it will be as well. Like I listened to a song and I told my friend to listen to it its cool. I became part of that gunaah and every time she listens to it, I will be also charged with its punishment because I recommended it to her.

So imagine, in akhirah there will be the burden of our evil deeds and it will be doubled cuz it was continued ahead and we were responsible for this. Imagine that helplessness, regret, sadness, anger on people that why did they continue it. And there will be no going back. No erasing our mistakes. No pardon. We'll have to live with our burden and others burden on us forever. forever and ever ever.
Burning in that fire. Then healed, then burned again. Nobody will listen to our cries and it will be just because we wanted to 'enjoy' the life. We were 'chilling' 'sharing the fun' where is the fun now? Who is gonna help us?! the people who asked us to create different things for the sake of fun, will run away from us.(Surah Qaaf) They will say they are not responsible for us.

Be a part of Falaah. Be a part of light. Be a part of good. Which remains through and through. There is no end to its rewards. Be a fountain of "bhalai" which is always yielding one thing. Which is always giving away cool water in hot summers. Be a part of Allaah's plan. Do not go against Him. There's nothing in this world or universe and even beyond it that's against Him. Nothing exists without Him. Where can we run from Him? He encompasses us. Wherever we face. Wherever we don't. He's in the air we breathe in. He runs in our veins. Each and every heartbeat, even if we don't realize it or forget Him. Could we escape someone who is within us? So why even try to go beyond Him and disobey Him? Be a piece of falaah. Goodness, brightness. He'll take you in His hands. He'll not leave you. Ever!

And one more thing; do not consider any gunaah small. Gunaah is gunaah. Even it is gunaah that you consider a certain gunaah a smallest gunaah. Cuz, small gunaah together makes up huge ones. Like lying is bad but if you lie in the name of
ALLaah or Ambiya that's gunaahe kabeera. Like to take someone's money illegally is gunaah but if you take an orphan's money and spend it all, its called in Quran as "Hooban Kabeera"(strong evil deed)(Surah Nisa). Each small gunaah leads to a bigger gunaah. So never say 'ismein kia hai. its nothing.' On judgement day not a single minuscule particle of sand like deed will be neglected. each and everything will be weighed.(Surah Zilzaal) What if Allaah forbid we go to hell because of that tiniest gunaah?

PS: Just like these two; evil and good, complete their circle, humans do too. Humans came from Allaah and they return back to Him. Now its our choice either we submit ourselves willingly to Him or we are being dragged to Him when we die. Whatever the case we return back to from where we came. And that person is an ultimate foolish who forgets his roots..

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