ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Hypocrisy In Quran's View

“Aae ayman walo! Tum kiyun kehte ho wo jo tum karte nahin, Allah k nazdeeq bari na-pasandeeda bat ha k tum wo kaho jo tum karte nahin”


Signs of a Hypocrite:

1-Does not stand by his word.

2-breaches trust.

3-Lies when spoken to.

Taking one of the above points : Quran is Allah's amanat for Muslims. Allah gave it to us to help us follow the right path. It cleanses us of many spiritual diseases, it is a total blessing, it takes us to Jannat and saves us from Jahannum. This blessing will be taken away from us near the end of time. Let’s see how we commit ‘amanat mein khyanat’ in it.

We have total five duties regarding the Quran.

1- To believe in it.
2- To read it.
3- To understand it.
4- To act upon its orders.
5- To spread its message.

Lets start with the first duty:

We say that we believe in it but do our actions really show our belief? Does our conducts prove it?? This contradiction then leads to khyanat in other duties as well. This is hypocrisy and if you are thinking that we read it daily then think over it again. Do we really 'read' it? From here the problem starts. We don't read it, we don't understand it. When we don't understand it how can we act on it and finally spread it. You see, how negligence in one duty leads to corruption and khyanat to next? This was the 1st example of khyanat.

Another example is that when we weren't born and all of the creature’s souls
were in AALAM-E-ARWAH, Allah took an oath from all the spirits. He the all powerful asked us,

"Am I not your creator?"

We all replied in affirmative saying

"yes You are, we
bare witness"

and when we came into this world we forgot our oath and got busy in our lives, while all other creatures held that oath firmly. I will explain this later. Anyway, so the fact that we forgot our oath, the Oath to All Powerful Almighty Allah, isn’t it the biggest khyanat? This is dangerously leading us to munafqat(hypocrisy) and yet there is still another great example left.

We say that we believe in Hazrat Mohammad Sallalahu Alaihe Wasallam and we love him, but do we really? Our actions speak for us. We are lying of course or we wouldn’t have been in this present condition, would we be??Our daily actions, conducts, behaviors go exactly opposite to his teachings, actions and conducts. We have completely forgotten his ahaidis and his uswah which is worthy of being followed by every single person on this

These points speak for us. There is nothing left to say. No argument to present. Think over it and repent before it’s too late.


  1. A Shameful situation it is ours.
    One thing i have to say is. It's really important that what we teach is what we act upon. But if you look closely these are two different things. Teaching and preaching. Though there are strict hadiths on this issue that whoever preaches something of Islam and does not act upon it himself will have his lips cut with the scissor of Hell. But preaching and acting is different things. These are different deeds, even if you don't act upon what you preach because of such temptations of satan, though you should do so to the best of your abilities, as it's really important to do so, you should not stop preaching good just because you don't act on it. People today are really vary of this today, which they shouldn't. Just think about this point closely.

  2. @Faizan yes, this attitude is leading us towards a speedy downhill landing. Thank you for reminding us. :)

  3. nice article and reminder..we should repent and start prep well for the eternal life..time really is too short and we don't realize it..

  4. @majworld yes, time is running..
    Thank you :)

  5. Assalamo Alaykum Waa Rehmatullah e Waa Barakatuhu

    Couple of things I would like to mention in this regards:

    - I heard a scholar saying that one of the signs of munafiqat or hypocrisy is that when one becomes lazy to perform Salah / prayers.

    - In a recent Friday sermon, the Sheikh said, that many of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad Sallal Lahu Waalahe Waaslaam Radhi Allah Taalah Anhum were not hafiz, they believe that they will learn one verse and apply it in their life and then go forward, unlike us, where the objective is to finish the Quran from A - Z.

    - The hypocrisy started also with whom we have our sitting, the person we are friend with and goes out, it does have an effect on us. And so in our deeds. Because if we are with good and pious people our acts will be accordingly.

    - And last but not the least, if you carefully think about it, we all talk about every aspect of our life usually from A - Z. About Salah, Zakat, Quran recitation, Ramadan, Hajj and the Rights of everyone.

    But did we ever realize why we can't able to do it in the first place. The answer to it, lies in one question, Tell me Quranic / Hadees sayings upon Halal and Haram.

    If we carefully analyze we all might come up with Quranic saying / Hadees about everything, but when it comes to Halal and Haram we become blunt.

    So if we don't know that much about Halal and Haram to it's fullest, which should be the case then how we can say that we are eating Halal or Haram.

    So if God forbids we are eating Haram, so can we expect to do our deeds according to the above mentioned post or the what has been ordained us to do.

  6. @sheedaalitalpur yes, you said the right things. thank you so much for adding it. :)