ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves



Children-are the future of a nation. Young buds which grow into numerous beautiful flowers; ornating the garden with their looks, satiating our eyes.
As a psychologist puts it,

"The minds of children are blank slates on which our teachings, standards and ideals are to be written."

The young minds are like a sponge, absorbing each and every happening of their surrounding. Very much careful steps should be taken when teaching/training them.
A scholar said:

"For an infant, his first school is his mother's lap"

Proper education is necessary to raise a child into a dutiful responsible citizen and moreover to make him a better Muslim. Careful measures must be taken from very first step. Educating the young mind is like molding the character of a whole nation because the young man of today will be a responsible citizen of tomorrow.

Nowadays, it is seen that children have idolized Ben10, Superman, Spider man etc. They are 'superheroes' for them. A source of inspiration and they want to become like them, imitate them, dress like them, carry their gadgets; school bags, watches, eatables. Children are badly obsessed with them. My 3 year old cousin was even trying to jump from his 2nd floor balcony to fly like superman! I was shocked when I heard this. Is this the road they are going down after those fake 'superheroes'? It is too much. And this is not their fault. Their parents don't give them enough time. The gardener is neglecting his asset so the hedges will no doubt grow wild and the flowers will wither. The charm of the garden will perish. Parents leave their children infront of the TV setting cartoon network, pogo, wikid, and get busy in their work not realizing for the slightest moment that their minds are being corrupted and invaded by Satan through this wired device.

I don't need to write here what kinds of programs are shown on these channels. They watch whatever is shown, not knowing what is right or wrong; just imagine what we are doing to our children. We are throwing them in fire, ruining them from the core, murdering the most enchanting thing about them; their innocence by our own hands.

Our superheroes are Hazrat Mohammad SAW, Hazrat Umar RA, Hazrat Usama bin Zayd RA; the youngest General of an army, Mohammad Bin Qasim, Tipu Sultan and Tariq bin Zayad; who burned his ships for his back way to home, on a strange land in the name of Allah. They are the greatest human beings who did real superhero acts, endangering their life for a real purpose, not just for stunts in front of a camera. Our children must know about these heroes who spent their lives for Allah and gave away their lives for the same purpose. They must follow their footsteps, imitate them, live and breathe with them like they do with Batman, Spiderman. and this task is subjected to us, solely our duty to tell children of their heroic acts, spend time with them, sacrifice ourselves for them so that they become real flowers, satiate our eyes and souls in the true manner.


  1. Great post. The key is to realize where we're going wrong. Next thing, either don't keep a TV (you can watch all news / shows you want on the internet), OR keep the channels limited.

    These channels are adversely affecting our kids, and this can be seen so much around us!

  2. @Uni very good idea. but parents are not willing to spend time with children.

  3. that's why it's recommended by some of the renowned scholars to not keep TV in your home

  4. This is definitely one of the major problems of this day. We should take serious action against it. Nice post Noor! =)

  5. I think you are only flirting with the symptoms of the disease, leaving the more deep seated causes untouched. The Pakistani society today suffers from a deep inferiority complex - anything indigenous is considered inferior to all kinds of trash imported from abroad, especially the USA.

    Most people just do not have what it takes to bring about a fundamental change in our society which will rid us of our intellectual enslavement to the West. You might care to click on the following link - please read the original piece AND all the comments thereon.

  6. @Faizan they are right about it.

  7. @Sakib Ahmed: you are right about inferiority complex. but we have to start from somewhere you know. and I am trying to touch every aspect of this problem. thanks for the link, I will surely visit it. :)