ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves



In my previous article I wrote about our kids being led in satanic way through fake 'superheroes'. They don't know who the real heroes are. Here a point arises, how come they don't know about their heritage? The most important thing of their life.

kabhe ay naujawan muslim! tadabbur bhe kia tuny?
wo kia girdoun tha, tu jis ka hai ik tuta hua tara

It points towards us adults who got off the right track, the ‘SIRAT E MUSTAQIM.’ We forgot our heritage, the glorious origin from which we evolved. Do you realize that our ancestors ruled the world for more than a thousand years, thousand years!!! How did they manage it? What was it that they had and we don’t? Why are we in an abyss at the mercy of the world?

They had ‘imaan’ in them. They believed in the sovereignty of Allah with their hearts and implied it in each and every aspect of their lives. From the Caliph to an ordinary peasant, all worked together as an Ummah. Unlike us they adhered to Allah’s commands completely and not just that what suited them best from Islam leaving what was against their desires like we do.

Allah says:

"Aey Nabi (S.A.W) apne un logo k haal per ghaur kia jo dawa to ye karty hain k jo kuch apki taraf nazil kia gya hai,us per bhi Imaan laye hain or us per bhi jo pehly utara gya tha. Mager chahty ye hain k apna muqadma taghoot k pas ly jayen halanky unhein hukum dia gya tha k wo taghoot k fesly tasleem na karyn or sheytan to yeh chahta hai k unhein gumrah kar k bohat door tak ly jaye."
( Surah Nissa-ayah 60)

The Munafiqs (hypocrites) took those of their affairs to Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W in which they knew he would rule in their favor and when they knew that a particular affair will be ruled against them then they went to taghuti courts. This was the background behind this Ayah.

Don't you feel that this ayah is about us? We don't practice Islam completely.

Allah says in Surah-e-Tauba;

"Or Islam mein pury dakhil hojao"

Allah knows that until we except Islam completely, we can't benefit from its blessings.

There is a type of psychology, Gestalt psychology, which says;

A hole is different from its parts. The parts force a holistic pattern to our perception."

Quran is a whole pattern, a complete code of life. The thorough system which has human as his sole subject. How can we take some parts of it and be contented that we are obliging our duty?? We are distorting its pattern which is resulting in our destruction. Do you see the line of fault? The messed up pattern is ruining the perfect picture because of our faults and is resulting in the wrong bringing up of our children who are the future of Islam.

ganwa di humny jo islaaf sey meeras payi the
surayya sey zameen per asman ne hum ko dy mara

Save yourself and this generation and most of all save your ‘Imaan’ before it’s too late.