ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


The Other Hand

Me and my sister were watching Wasu aur mein on Geo. I was watching it for first time. And I was a little critical about it. (for obvious reasons). But to our pleasant surprise it was about Shehzad Roy's visit to Bangladesh. It piqued our interest. Me and sis were of the opinion that why not steps are taken to bring back two parts (former East and West Pakistan) closer again. As Geo tv and others do large propaganda with reconciliation with the state of India. But no steps are taken to end the bias (between Bangladesh and Pakistan). Bitter feelings are there. Just under the skin. Ready to come out by a faint scratch. So we watched it with great interest. And then luckily, next day, my teacher shared the link for one of his posts which he did for Bangladesh. Here it is:

When I read it, the way Sir drew the scene of that time's backdrop, is amazing. The layers he unfolded, the similarities, desires, villains; it was as if a veil had been lifted from a magnificent statue. An alive statue, which had been neglected for long. It was soothing. It gave me so much hope and an initiative to move forward in this line of vision. We can work in this field (and in others too) to bring our part closer to us.
It also relayed that in past efforts were made to keep the country intact. And as for now, there are elements who have abilities to decipher this message. They are working to right the mistakes of the past or at least address them with positive approach.
And it reminded me of a passage from Reconstruction of Islamic Thought by Allama Iqbal (which we currently studied):

I aim, Therefore I Am 
“...if you had a vehement desire for drink, the sands of the desert would have given you the impression of a lake. Your freedom from the illusion is due to the absence of a keen desire for water. You have perceived the thing as it is because you were not interested in perceiving it as it is not. Thus ends and purposes, whether they exist as conscious or subconscious tendencies, form the warp and woof of our conscious experience. And the notion of purpose cannot be understood except in reference to the future.”

My most favourite part was:

Carving a unified nation out of a diverse stock is like striving against the forces of nature. The human being seems to be in conflict with nature in every song of the film, until it is announced in the final one that the lamps of the people have outshone the stars, and their garden boasts of a perfume that cannot be produced by spring.

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