ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Merciless Revenge

Narration of Altaf Hussein Qureshi, cheif editor of urdu digest. He went to Bangladesh (I can't know the exact year but its some time around before fall.) Let's read him together.

"Simple culture and light society displays special character. People here are since above societal biases so they have harmony and understanding between them and this characteristic gives them nationale tendency. Whenever culture is divided, people get divided. However long this cultural unity exists in them, they will have same level of intellect and relationships. 

This is the reason of their simple life that they don't bow down before necessities of life. person who owns nothing can dare any type of challenges and dangers. He is fearless. We, who make lives luxurious are in reality, coward. We give reason to evertyhing then. That is why elite can never take revolutionary steps. Bengalis are free of luxurious lifestyle, they are not slaves of trends, they are strong, challenging. They stand for what they think is right. This especiality gives them historical background. History is evident that many movements were started from this land and they gave people; determination, altruism.
Every individual in Decca is politically aware, they have their own opinions. At ten o' clock, I was heading for President house in motor rickshaw. I asked the driver, "Decca is facing a boom now. How are you progressing in it?'
He said, "This boom is not for us. Only few families are benefitting from it."
I said, "You will also benefit from it, don't worry. You will do good when whole province will prosper."
He said in a loud voice, "Until people's government is not florished, we cannot prosper."

I talked to a bookseller. He started conversing in English. We discussed the problems faced by country and I couldn't help but commenting on his information.
At a time he said, "if this situation will continue, I am afraid East Pakistan will not remain intact with West Pakistan.
This sentence startled me and the color of my face changed. He then added, "I know you are hurt by this. Even I said it with grief but we shouldn't forget that masses are thinking on these lines. "

I went to a Bengali newspaper office and talked with an editor. I introduced myself. He gave me a long look and said, "Pass this message to the journalists of Lahore that do not sacrifice the spirit of journalism over reasons. Journalists are the intellectual builders of a nation. Its their job to make a nation mentally healthy, they act with courage to maintain the tradition of truth. This tradition is direly needed by our nation. If they will not play their part, history will take a merciless revenge.

These words were said so quickly that I couldn't think of anything else. After this meeting I was weak to meet anyone.

People of East Pakistan are living in turmoil since long. From 1905 till 1911, she has been under hindu atrocities. And it continued even after the separation of Bengal from Indian rule.
This continuous turmoil has made them sensitive and dynamic. This characteristic is now part of their aura. After the creation of Pakistan, this power was exploited by enemies and they were directed towards it continually. But there are some far-sighted people who understand its grave impact.

One important political personality once indicated to me, "I feel endangered by the negative thinking of nation but I don't see any united group which could raise constructive way of thinking among them. People who can do that are being stopped. I don't know how only speech would build up this character."

To improve positive thinking, there is a need to do work with solidarity. You can't say 'people there are  terrorism oriented' and solve the problem. To silence them is also not possible as people there strongly hate subjugation.

Second big problem is apartheid or bias. It has a considerable weight in society. In history this apartheid changed the face of East Pakistan. Bias is natural to an extent but it has increased negatively due to unnatural factors. It has some historical factors too, our imprudence-and these have the tendency to seem large to us.

After locating the factors we must find solutions. "People of East Pakistan are strongly biased" ignites more bias. Solution is-make Islam strong there. You can say it no longer has any attraction, it is useless but its not so. People whose lives are evident of truth can change the circumstances completely.
Decca is the conspirational centre. America is active here, Indian agents are spread throughout it. Hindu inspirational literature is being smuggled to East Pakistan. There are some who believe in Marx. Some movements are busy in underground partnership. These factors want to increase anarchy. This situation is critical. The prudent class of nation must take its notice. The intensity with which the terrorist groups are circulating is a great danger to East Pakistan. Constructive powers (among the nation) must unite and they must invest everything to save the country from destruction and chaos. 'Cautions' can not play any part now. People must be involved in this movement.

Main obstacle is, the one who can save the country are hopeless and they say there are no proper circumstances to work in. When I met them, I felt they are disheartened. They want to do something but there are so many obstacles that they are helpless. Hopelessness is in older generation. New generation is enthusiastic but they are also angry. I am afraid if hopelessness will take-over; terrorism will increase.

A new revolution is going to take place from the womb of Decca. We can make this revolution pleasant by being prudent and far-sighted."

Altaf Hussein Qureshi(Chief Editor at Urdu Digest, Paksitan)

While reading it, did you feel that its the story of our time with alteration of place? I had Balochistan in my mind all of the time. I was trying to determine that in next forty plus years, are we going to lament about our loss or are we going to learn from experience? Everybody's role is laid out in it. Journalists, individuals-young and old. Choice is totally in our hands. We have time and don't forget experience which can be a source of hope.