ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


The Base Fault

Who is at fault? Is it those politicians we are always cursing? No, it is us. We ourselves are responsible for this chaotic environment. The corruption is in us, only the level is different depending on our status.

If we, the people of Pakistan don't take our nation and its problems seriously then why would anyone else? We call it our homeland, our motherland but do we consider it to be so? These are mere words. It is high time we start taking things seriously and work together to bring a change. We are the power of this nation. All we need is some sincerity and unity and we can build it to be a strongest nation!


  1. This is very true, sister. We the people lament at our state and along with it, so easily blame the corrupt politicians. It is easy to point a blaming finger, much too difficult to move that same finger and make change happen.

    I find that the plague is the lack of care even about the smallest things. For example, the immense amount of trash that exists in Pakistani streets. SubhanAllah. We do not even have the smallest care of Allah's beautiful world. We pile our trash and filth on it.

    Of course, the root of the problem is this and always has been (in my opinion): a lack of education and understanding of the fundamentals of Islam. If we understand our responsibilities as Muslims and have a sense of taqwa in our hearts, truly we would be better people. But the problem is, we have no taqwa and we do as we please because we no longer look at the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa alahi wa salam) or the Imams (as) as an example, but rather we look to our neighbor. We look to our neighbor and if he is doing wrong, we make it permissible for ourselves to commit the same sin. SubhanAllah!!!

    Truly, we have taken a step back towards the pre-Islamic period. We are indeed living like those that lived during the Jahiliyah. No doubt about it.

  2. I wish there was some way everybody would realize this. And that realization is also not enough... we need to DO something about the realization.

    We know all this, YET we run that red light, YET we cheat in exams, YET we think about chatting up teachers so we may be favored, YET we think its too much of a hassle to pay the fine, and bribing the policeman is the solution. These are common day to day phenomenon.

    And then we blame the politicians :(.

    Thansk for the reminder.

  3. @oasis0ftruths yes, taqwa is important for a musalman. Inshallah, we'll all break this blind following trend and make this ummah better. together! :)
    @Uni you are welcome. :) you re right. we know, yet we do all wrong things.

  4. It's true that we must take the problem into our own hands. Miracles are made, not revealed and faith makes those very miracles happen!