ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Life and three questions.

Gimmie a purpose, and I'll give you a reason
Gimmie life and you'll get death
The world goes round and we stay put
What's our purpose?
To live? To die? To mock? To save? To kill?

None know of thier purpose
Not even you and I

   Allah has granted us this life and definitely there is a purpose to it. But have we ever took out some time from our busy  lives to think of this purpose? I guess not.The three most important questions we should ask ourselves are "Who am I?" "What am I here for?" "Where am I heading to?" and we will easily find out whether we are living our life the way it is desired or not.

   A man of the modern day world will answer these questions quiet differently then someone whose identity hasn't yet been stolen by this luxurious world.

Man of the modern world

 "Who am I?"

= A person of today will answer this question by telling his name, his social status, his profession, his identity. He would be proud to boast about his being above others.

"What am I here for?"

= He will think the reason of life is only earning money, getting a good fortune, name and fame. Trying to win in the race and leave others behind in worldly materiel things.

"Where am I heading to?"

= I am heading towards a better life, a higher status, a higher rank in this world.

   Thus, in all his answers there will be no mention of the real life, or the purpose of this life which has been granted to us so that we can prepare for the life ahead.

Right Answers:

"Who am I?"

 = I am a human being, the most highest of Allah's creations and most important a Muslim.

"What am I here for?"

= I am here so that I can obey the commands of my creator to gain His approval and be under His blessings. I am sent to help my fellow beings in difficult times, to be a reason for their happiness and to give a shoulder to cry on in their sorrow

"Where am I heading to?"

= I am heading towards my grave with every passing day. The day of judgment is closing in on me so I should prepare myself for it so that I don't regret wasting my life in trivial things and resulting in being sent to Hell.

    A man of toady is totally a man of this world and not of his creator. With every step he is getting closer to his own destruction.

   We don't know when life will end for us. It might be today or maybe after many long years. But are we prepared to face Allah? He gave us everything but what are we doing?  We have left the straight path we are no longer on "Sirat-e-mustaqim" and it is a shame for us. Let us all promise today to Allah that we will try to be better human beings and live our life according to the ways told by Him. We will not let Satan be our leader. We won't follow him because his path leads to hell. Allah's path will take us to heaven, "Jannat" and so that is the path we will now follow. May Allah guide us and keep us steadfast always. Ameen .


  1. A simple blog post with a profound message! It is indeed quite important for us to know full well whether our answers coincide with those that they are meant to be.

    May Allah guide us all to the right path and may we make actual efforts to change ourselves.

    A very well-written post!

  2. Ameen. May Allah help on the way to goodness.

    Thank you. I really need encouragement :)

  3. Very nicely written ! simple words yet true and captive :)