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Workshop by SuperTec Foundation

My sister is looking for a good internship program these days and SuperTec sounded good. I went along with her to explore this world as an outsider and I must tell you that it was one of the best experience of my life. 

The environment was friendly. The participants had a chance to interact with each other as well as with the curator freely which made the experience more lively. We had the chance to get to know the individuals who are striving in their own unique styles for the betterment of Pakistan. It was heart warming to see such enthusiasm and hope in the youngsters to share with people what they know.

About the Foundation: 

Supertec was founded on July 2012.

Their Mission is: To equip the common people with useful technology that empowers them to be more productive.
VISION: Supertec Foundation is Advisors and Consultants to NGO's. It is our way of giving back to the world in a more organized way.

General information: 

Super Technologies Foundation was formed to help and assist organizations to adopt better systems, and software’s for better effectiveness of their work.
Super Technologies Inc., over the years has created many processes, software, and systems that we believe have helped us to be more productive and practical in solving the problems we faced, and Super Technologies Foundation is here to help other organizations implement similar systems, and processes, to become more effective.
[The best thing about them is:]
We did not want to start a new School, Hospital or NGo to do these, but want to make exisiting NGO’s and foundations more functional, and more efficient.

You can see more here:

Attending this workshop filled me with hope for Pakistan. Pakistan is well ahead on the road of development and nothing/nobody can stop her from attaining her goals. I am re-assured that despite of the ugly environment which is persistent in political scenario, there is a floodlight which is shining upon economic aspect of my homeland. Something is going good here. I am almost always talking about this group and sharing their plans with my friends and pray fervently that these plans come to fruition. I cannot wait to see a prosperous Pakistan where 'sasti hoge roti, or mehengi hogi jaan... Ek din ayega jub aesa hoga Pakistan...' Insha Allah! 

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