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Is America Really Our Enemy?

However much I would like to punch Haqqani in the face, I will stick to just facts and teach him some history lessons which he studied long ago and which American shine and glam dazzled out of his brain.

"Haqqani said that Pakistan wouldn't be able to fight USA". Not that I want to go on war with any country or I am a jingoist. Nor do I hate US. Yes, I don't like her policies for her fellow countries and I have issues with that. I want the problems to be solved with as much peace as we can work out. We need to act like adults and spare the world of the nukes. Thank you.

I don't know what made Haqqani say that. May be the war paraphernalia US has been able to acquire in all these years, or the courage of her soldiers or determination of her generals, or the money they have or how they have always been invading/controlling the countries.

I will just talk about 'how' Haqqani is wrong in his claim.

Haqqani must remember that the great Alexander was defeated at the hands of a mere raja of Porus. Any middle school kid can tell him that. Napoleon Bonaparte's great army crashed in the snowfields of USSR. USSR had to fall out of Afghanistan after almost a decade of nerve-wrecking occupation of the poor country. Don't tell me that US helped Afghans to fight USSR. if that is so, then how Afghans managed to contain the US this time? Who is providing them the 'arms' and other required equipment to fight ten times a great power? US has no way of staying in Afghanistan even after the invasion of more than a decade. US has literally bomb-flattened the country yet they are compelled to just leave the place now. The war-torn country will pick up the pieces on its own. Like always.

He forgot Vietnam, may be? Or how Colonel Chavez held his ground even after a coup d'etat? Did Haqqani forget, say by chance, that Chavez was back on his seat after just a few hours of the coup which was pulled against him by US?

Or the most classical example, no, in fact anti-classical, Ghazwa-e-Badr where 313 men were pitting against the well armed 1000 men but still the former won?

Really? Haqqani has such a bad memory that he forgot all of his history lessons or is he such a spineless coward that he just crumpled under the technology US has been able to build?

Or does he under-estimate Pakistan to this extent? If that is the case, well I am offended big time! Our own ex-ambassador has so little integrity for his motherland. Aghast. And he insists that "this is the reality we have to accept". I think Haqqani needs to study a lot of history for sure. Or may be, he is following the defeatist mindset.

I am appalled that this kind of a man represented Pakistan in US.  No wonder they don't hold us in high regard. They haven't met 'real men' of Pakistan.

oh by the way, he also should learn that it is not always about 'winning'. Its about honor. Whether you live or die, you do that with honor, integrity, dignity.

Is America really our enemy, What do you say? 

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