ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Human In The Light Of God

Do you think that our conception of God influences how we see our role in the universe? How, or how not?

This was the question asked in our recent lesson. This lesson gave us a chance to explore the possibilities of a human in the light of Iqbal's third lecture in Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam
There are five elements in the Islamic conception of God, i.e. God is (a) the Infinite Ego; (b) Creative; (c) Knowing; (d) Powerful; and (e) Eternal

What I understood from this lecture (and Mr. Khurram's discussion) is that the human reflects in his actions and deeds whom he worships. The character and color of the one who is worshiped are automatically transferred into the worshiper. If someone worships a mere statue then ultimately they retain the habits of [the material] of their god. This is the case if someone worships money, and could be why the hypocrites are detested so much because of this very reason.

A musalman^, in his obedience, blends his self into the Will of his Lord and then  he exhibits  the qualities of His Lord. In Quran, Allah says, "Allah is just and loves those who are just." "Allah is merciful and loves those who are merciful." Allah loves those who are compassionate, considerate, and thoughtful of others in their dealings. Allah likes those who are wise, and who seek knowledge. Look at all of these qualities, these being the names of Allah. He wants to see these [of course partially] in His slaves also. 

Map of voyage by Spanish traveler Ibn Jubair in the 12th century AD
Español: Mapa de la travesía del viajero andalusí Ibn Yubair o Yabar en el siglo XII

The true character of a Muslim reflects Allah in all of his actions, whether he's in public or private, is conducting his business or imparting knowledge, or fighting in the cause of Allah. And in many instances, he reflects whom he worships. 
And that is why the earlier Muslim's character was strong and displayed the infinity of Allah. They were fearless on battlefields; they were wise in managing empires and countries; in their implementing of law they were considerate and knowledgeable; in their teaching methods they sought simplicity and vastness of many studies; and they were relentless in seeking Allah through science. Because they believed Allah is Infinite, they discovered newer elements of this universe, dug deeper and deeper, and found out Truth in simplest forms. Those vistas of Knowledge, Creativity, and Infinity are open testaments of their faith.
Take the Ash'arites, for instance, as Iqbal has explained in this lecture, and how they developed their theory of "Atomism" from that one verse+ of the Quran. They took God to be Creative, who creates something new "every" moment - and decided to participate in that Creation, by putting forth a theory which cannot be disproven even now.  In fact, modern physics confirms parts of it. 
The role of man, if he considers himself to be the vicegerent of God, is to "actively participate" in this act of Creation that is forever being carried out by God. By perceiving God to be closer to us than our jugular vein, we know that He is not cold or distant, but merciful and compassionate; He does not want us to be passive, but to have our share in His Creativity. If we feel that He has not created us out of mere chance, but out of plan and design, it gives us more sense of purpose, and we become more aware of the importance of our role in this universe*. 
The oldest copies of Ibn Sina's second volume of "Canon Of Medicine" from the year 1030.

The concept of God conveys and comforts us that man is not alone or forsaken in this universe. God is always so eager to connect with man that He has created the whole universe through which man can access Him*. 
This understanding, at this moment, conveys to us the message that our conception of God is the pathway to what world is created*." 
The conception of God deepens our worldly experience, and adds value and guidance to our entire journey*. 
‘’God is the light of the Heavens and of the Earth. His light is like a niche in which is a lamp – that lamp enclosed in a glass – the glass, as it were, a star” (24:35) 
Finally, the knowledge that One exists, to whom everything belongs, and that a All Powerful Being is watchful over us comforts the fragile souls of His Creation and is the source of ever-present inspiration and Light.  

(*discussion from my fellow course participants)
+(God adds to His creation what He wills.” Al-Quran)
^Musalman used here indicates the common use of the word. The one who is obedient to Creator. And he/she coud belong to any faith. 


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