ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves


Ramzan Doodle

Creative, no? Well, start being creative than; start acting. :)  

image courtesy: Abu Productive


  1. My first response was "how creative"! Then my thought, based on own experiences with spiritual disciplines is a question: "How can we turn our obligations and prayer life into something life-giving, joyous and even simplified? That is the question I ask self about three times a week.

    Sometimes I get a few answers. But I'd love to hear first from you, Noor, and your readers. :)

    1. Connie I liked your question. In my opinion; when we are really going to manifest these obligations in our dealings with people, when these obligations are not mere rituals but full fledged indulgence-we are going to have what you said something life-giving, joyous.

      because you know these obligations (which are performed time to time in all day long) are the reason for us to keep reminding ourselves that there is a Superior Being to whom we have to return to (eventually).

      we have to be equally God-fearing when we are out of, say, state of fasting and stuff.
      Be conscious of Him.

      I hope it answered your question. :)