ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves



Today is different. I can't really pinpoint it but I can feel it in me. You know, when we ask Him, He provides it. Really He does. and He makes it clear that He did by making us conscious of it. I really can't comprehend why people (including me) not ask Him all the time. Why do we go to other's doorsteps for things. why our faith on Him is not conventional. Like breathing is natural. do we make any effort to breathe? do we have to drag each breath out of air? No. So asking Him, believing Him should be natural like that. Like there is this cent percent possibility that He'll answer and provide and take care of everything. Blind Faith. You know, we fail, we suffer because of this lack in faith. And there are some people whose faith level keep on fluctuating. sometimes they are such diehard believers that they astonish people and sometimes they act like vegetables. I can't judge which condition can be followed. the constant lack of faith or the fluctuation of faith? Hmmm... And there is one more thing; even if we ask Him of things, we make Him our last choice. We turn to Him when we have been sent away from everywhere. Why? He's not our last resort. rather He is our ONLY resort, in my opinion. Like that conventional, understood obvious fact. Don't you agree with me? I hope I never again make Him my last resort. I hope He remains my first and Only choice. I hope I make it. Ameen.