ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves



"One's journey is all about a descent or eminence. Either one is moving towards excellence or an ebb. All of our life is spent between these two extremes and the path of it either goes through gratitude or thanklessness. There are some lucky people who are always grateful, no matter they are having successes or facing failures. Some are always thankless whether at pinnacle or on descent. And then there are some who are thankful when going forward, ungrateful when having problems. Human beings are among many of His creations. They are superior among others, nevertheless a creation. We don't have any right over Him but obligations. He blessed us with His innumerable favors. He started these with Heaven and Keeps giving us throughout our lives. He asked us only one thing in return for all those favors--gratitude. What would you feel if you give someone a favor and instead of acknowledging it they complaint about what you could have done but didn't do or it wasn't enough, they want more?? You wouldn't even want to see them next time let alone give them more favors. We do the same with Allaah. Instead of being thankful for what we got we complaint about things we weren't given. We don't appreciate His blessings and take them (and Him) for granted. And look what Allaah does. He keeps His shower of blessings running instead of sanctioning them due to our behavior"

Umera Ahmed

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