ALLAH does not change the state of people, until they change it themselves



khiradmandun se kia puchun k meri ibteda kia hai
keh mein is fikar mein rehta hun, meri inteha kia
hai! (Iqbal)

I showed my cousin a piece on Mohammad bin Qasim and told him(actually emphasized over the fact)that he conquered Sindh when he was just 17 years old. My little cousin just stared at me in wonder; disbelief was dancing clearly in his eyes. His smile told me that I had to be lying. It made me smile.

I know what he must be thinking. 17 seems too young of an age to accomplish such a huge feat. What I wanted to tell him was that such actions are possible from only a Muslim. Islam has the ability to create this kind of a superhuman who can do everything. Islam has the characteristic of building in you a strong devotion, sense of submission and slavery to Allaah Ta'ala. When he said 'La ilaha ilaallaah', the "LA" in the kalma erased its self and Allaah become everything. There's nothing in exchange to Allaah or Rasul Allaah sallallahu alaehi wasallam. For a Believer their word is the last word. If there's a command from Allaah SWT or sunnah of Rasul Allaah sallallahu alehi wasallam, the Believer will search for all the means to work on it without taking in account of his own difficulties. And it is from here that the possibility of a Muslim being a superhuman starts. There are no limits for his energies. He has infinite resources because the main purpose for him is the ‘raza’ of Allaah SWT so he will go for any option (halaal) to please him. In this way he makes everything possible for himself. There's nothing impossible, no boundary in his life, as in, he can surmount any moral, physical, spiritual task for the sake of Allaah SWT.

is zarrey ko rehti hai wus'at ki hawas her dum
ye zarra nahi, shayad simta hua sehra hai! (Iqbal)

Take Hazrat Ibraheem A.S. for instance. He jumped into fire because he believed Allaah SWT will save him and indeed he was saved. Allaah ordered fire;

"Ay aag Ibrahim pe thandi ho ja or salamti ban ja"

He left his native land and migrated to another for Allaah. When he was blessed with a son, he was ordered to leave his wife and son at a certain place, and that certain place was the Desert of Makkah. He left them there alone with no one to watch over them but Allaah, but then who needs a watch other than Allaah's!!

Then he dreams that he's sacrificing his own son, he goes to his son and relates to him his dream. Check out the response of another believer.

"Aap mjhe sabir or shakir payengy"


"Cover your eyes with a cloth so that while sacrificing you don’t have pity on me and your hands don’t shake"

Do you see any limit to their actions. They are happy by obliging to Allaah's desire. And Allaah SWT the most merciful had another plan. He just wanted to check their level of submission to Him and so He sent a lamb in place of Hazrat Ismail. All praise to be Allaah! Hazrat Ibrahim was then called ‘KHALEEL UL ALLAAH’ "Allaah's friend" lucky him, no??

My narration can be waived off by arguing that he was a prophet and prophets are special people. They are expected to act this way, then what about Sahaba Ikram razi Allaahu ta'ala unhum? They were ordinary people but the most righteous after Ambiya Alaehi As Salaam. Allaah SWT in Quran so many times says:

"Allaah in se razi or ye Allaah se razi"

They also accomplished many superhuman acts in their lives. Every Sahaba(RA) was a beautiful projection of their Leader, Hazrat Mohammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They were the people who "Samy'na wa Ata'na" "we listened and we obeyed" was their condition. (Al-Quran)

When ruling on prohibition of alcohol came, the utensils filled with wine were broken at once, without any reluctance. When Allaah and His Rasul Sallallahu alayhi wasallam called them for jihad then history tells us that 313 men staggered the fully equipped army of 1000 Mushrikeen. In the conquest of Rome, 10,000 Muslims fought and had victory over 100,000 great army of Romans. Can anyone imagine that competition? For 1 Muslim soldier there were 10 Roman soldiers. Think about the situation. Try to comprehend the power of Muslims, their Imaan.

aayin-e-jawan mardi haq goyi-o-bebaki
Allaah k sheyron ko ati nahi rubahi! (Iqbal)

They were the best of people ever found on Earth. The most honest, selfless, trustworthy, pious, gallant and awesome men!! And why should they not be. They were the followers of a person about whom the most respectable on Earth, Quran says:

"Innaka la'ala khuluqin azeem"

"Beshak Aap(sallallahu alyhi wasallam is of best character"

Hazrat Mohammad sallallahu alaehi wasallam. May many many many peace and blessings be on him!

So now it will not be surprising for you that a 17 year old boy conquered a totally unknown land in a brief period, was madly loved by natives and ruled it justly. It is possible because he is their off-spring.

momin k jahan ki had nahi hai
momin ka muqam her kahin hai!


  1. Excellent piece Noor :). It's very inspiring to know that every human, with the right level of imaan, can achieve great things. And the greatest thing of all (which Hazrat Ibrahim AS achieved so beautifully) is the Pleasure of Allah (SWT) and this was the reason why he was called friend of Allah!

    What an honor indeed. :S. I wish and pray that we also try to follow in those footsteps, and do more (and question less) especially in matters of faith!

    JazakAllah for such a motivating read! I only wish I could fully comprehend the verses :(

  2. @Uni Alhumdulillaah for it. which particular verse you couldnt understand. I can try to explain it. :)

  3. Another excellent post!
    Having blind faith can make one do stupid, irrational and is of little use. But when one is dazzled by the sheer beauty of the light of faith and subsequently blinded as one has pondered over it, and understood, that is when it becomes worthwhile.
    Excellent examples! :)

  4. Assalamu a'laikum,

    One of your Best Post Masha alla. Especially the way you have put Allama iqbal's verses and put the things is very good.


  5. @Mohammad Zafar: Walaikum assalam. Barakillahil kheyr. :)